Wednesday, October 13, 2010

I can't even imagine.

We've all seen those movies, TV shoes, and especially on the news almost every day where a young female was attacked in a parking lot, alley way, etc, raped, and then possibly murdered.

Well lately I've been watching those kind of TV shows that have them and I think from the excessive watching of the shows, it has caused me to start thinking about it in the portion of my brain that dreams.
Last night, or more in the day since I kept waking up and going back to sleep, I had a short dream of where I was in class. I couldn't tell if it was something like college or high school class. But it felt more like college class. The class had just ended and everyone was standing around conversing either about today's lesson or other things that were on their minds. I think previous to this moment in the dream, I had been in the class for at least a week or at minimum, a few days. So I was beginning to meet some people, two who of which were kind of cute guys. One was my height while the other taller. They both had a bulky build where they were skinny but their torso and arms were a bit larger than the average male? I'm not really sure how to explain it. The taller guy looked more evened out so he looked more skinnier.
They're hair colors were brown I believe.
All I've said before would be "Hi" or "How're you?" to them before in the class or during breaks. But this evening when the class had ended, the shorter of the two who I had spoken to more pulled me aside and said something relating to they wanted to get to know me. While walking out of the building and in to the parking lot, the guy had his arm around me which right then and there made me feel uncomfortable.

[On a side note and completely unrelated but weird. While in the parking lot and walking towards my car, a van levitated off the ground and spun around several times]

Which at that point when we got to a certain point in the parking lot right behind the large green van, they guy holding me pulled a rugged looking knife out on me. It looked like it had been through a lot, so it wasn't as sharp but still it looked like it had possibly been sharpened recently.
I looked at the blade beneath me, heading towards my chest or neck area and I tried to free myself, defending myself by holding his arm so he does not try to stab me. My fear sky rocketed at that point. While trying to hold the position well as I could, I looked around in fear to see if there were anyone else in the parking lot to help. A car was coming towards us in which it stopped and honked. One of the guys inside yelled out the window the guy who had me's name saying "______, Just let the girl go."
At that moment, since they were just sitting there in their car watching, I thought no one would help me, even others would just pass on by in the parking lot on the other side of the van and do nothing. Either they didn't see us or they were ignoring what was happening in general, as if they did not want to deal with something like this.
I thought my fate was sealed and that I was going to die until a taller young gentleman who seemed skinny but with a nice build threw the two guys (Which technically there was only one guy attacking me while the other watched) off me and through the parking lot. I didn't really catch his face or anything, he walked away soon after it happened to which I was left on the ground backed up to a car rocking back and forth. I was so scared, I was paralyzed. The guys who were thrown stood up and saw I was still there at which they started coming for me again. I could barely speak so my mouth was making small moaning sounds. I was hoping the guy who saved me by chance would come back. And I'm not sure if he did or not because in the midsts of my whimpering and crying and being threatened to death, I woke up.

After I woke up I thought to myself. In my dream I could not defend myself, at all. It made me sick and scared in my heart. I want to be able to defend myself, especially if I get in to danger like that.

Anyways, this was my dream for the night. Sorry my writing is horrible.