Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cannibalism or Witchcraft?

I had another one of my weird dreams. I wanted to write it down somewhere before I forgot it, so I thought I would right it down here.

I'm forgetting the dream as the day progresses so please, bare with me. I'm not really sure how it started off, but the last thing I remember in it was, we were in our car, though I think it was a convertable, because we were parked near a fence of someone's backyard because they lived on a corner lot. They had a baby goat in the yard. I was able to pet it through the fence, it was cute and everything. Then as we started moving the car, the goat wedged it's way through the fence and after our car where I picked it up and said we had to turn around and go back.
As we got back to the corner, where we were at the corner of the back or technically you really could call it a side yard, my parents and brother were skeptical that anyone was home or wanted the baby deer. I told them that someone's got to be home. So I dared to go up there myself (which it wasn't really a scary house or anything) and knock on the door. A woman came forth through the odd looking door and was delighted to see her baby once again. She insisted I come in but my family was waiting outside in the car so I refused, until she told me to come around to the garage or left side of the house, where I had to wait. As if she was going to get me a reward for saving what she treated like her child.

That's when the dream changed. Like some dreams where they are at one setting and moment in time to another completely different. Mine changed to.... I'm not entirely sure on the setting. It seemed like a school. A somewhat small school but that could have been because I only saw a small portion of it.
This is actually where the title comes in, because what I mean by that statement is that in my dream it's like there was a witch, a weird looking one at that. Her hair stuck up in a not so normal way and her face was painted or was just naturally as white as a ghost. Liked, it seemed like something out of Halloween Town. (If you've ever cared to see that Disney movie, but I doubt it)
Her companion was a tall, somewhat but not overly handsome man who took the lives of young women. Somehow the witch would lour them in and he'd feast on them. It was such a weird dream.
That's all I can really tell for now. But I guess you could say I changed point of views between one character and another. I was both female of course but I switched between two young women. One in danger by the ominous female eating man and another who felt like she was soon to be in danger.
Right before my dad woke me up, I was the young woman who already was in danger. I tried to run through the school, just to barely get anywhere when the woman-eater chased after me, just to stop me at a short flight of stares.
I'm going to go third person if that's alright with any of you...

He trapped her against a wall, telling her he can't hold his hunger any longer [It sounds like a male in dire need of sex, right?]. She came to mind, if she tried to escape anymore he would devour her on site and tear her flesh apart, so she figured she would give him a little, but not there in the middle of the hallway of course, since children were passing by. Though the man growled and scared them off in to their rooms.
She turned to look through a doorway that a man she knew was a powerful sourcerer, could possibly help her. Pushing herself away from the monster, she cried out and ran in to the other room, hoping he'd be able to save her. The sorcerer and his collegue told her to get behind them. While the witch and monster tredged forth...

And that's about where it ends because my father woke me up.
I thought it was a really weird dream, though still not as weird as the rampaging, fire breathing teacher dream. Heh. Not sure if I ever put that one on the blog.
I hope you enjoyed the story, sorry if I really CAN'T WRITE though.

Now to just wait for more dreams to come....
If any of you have dreams, would you like to share them with me? I'd be interested to hear your weirdest dreams. C: