Thursday, June 24, 2010


I haven't posted on the blog in the longest time but that should all change, or so I think. I know I've said this numerous times in the past but I really do think it will change. Or anyways, I hope. Why do I sound somewhat but not really confident about this? That's a very good question and I shall answer...

It is because I'm going to get serious. Start posting pictures and saying more, studying random things and posting them on here. I have to keep up with this blog AND another blog my friend and I currently made. I shall no longer be posting anymore of my artwork on here but instead just pictures of adventures as I go through life. My friend and I made an art dump blog. A place to throw our practice artwork or even some great artwork it took us forever to do. I don't know what kind of artwork he will be posting but as for me, it should most likely be random practice art. All my good stuff that took me some time to do will go straight to my DeviantArt account. I made a new one just for this occasion.

I hope you all shall cheer us on and come check out our blog as well as my own DeviantArt account. There is currently nothing up at the moment but soon there shall be. Thanks.

You can find a link to our art blog and my DA account on the right.