Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


You know when you were younger, how you were so carefree and didn't care too much what other people thought? Looking towards the future with bright eyes thinking, "Wow, I wish I could be like that one day." Hoping to become the best. Thinking positively? Well I remember that. The best years in life, or at least to me anyways. Others might think otherwise. I'm not saying you had the best childhood but mine was pretty good. Back in those days for me, everything was carefree and quite happy. Nowadays, it's just not as happy? As if the life inside of me is being drained out. I'm going about everything half-heartedly. I feel like I've become broken in some way or form. What is wrong with me? I know Rabbit is trying to cheer me up but it's sort of working but at the same time my mind just slumps back into that dark corner not wanting to budge. No matter how much I smile, no matter how much I laugh, it just feels like somethings missing. An important piece that's lost. I feel I need to be repaired or saved. Hopefully when this summer comes and I get out of the house and on vacation for the month I'll be in California, hopefully I become better.

Sorry for such a depressing post. It's just, I wanted to write somewhere how I felt at the moment.