Monday, March 29, 2010

I See....

I've been meaning to plant some more plants again since spring is just starting up again. I'll have to rummage around for all of our seeds. Not sure exactly where they went but most likely in the garage. I would REALLY love to be able to find our sunflower seeds since I just love sunflowers. If I do manage to find or buy some, I'll have to be sure to really take care of it better than I did last time. Actually, just take care of my garden in general. Though that would be hard for when I leave after graduation for a month.

That's right. I'm leaving for a month after I graduate. It's not official yet since people still need to be talked to but if I do leave, I shall be heading out for California from the end of May to the beginning of July. I'm really looking forward to it if I do go because there are so many things I want to see and people I want to meet. I have a friend who I've known online for the past several years. He's a really amazing photographer from Washington state. I'm always amazed by the pictures he takes around where he lives. If you want to see his website then here...

David Waugh

He's an amazing photographer. I've always loved his pictures. But yeah.... I'm hoping to meet up with him and also see some sites like Golden Gate Bridge, Crater Lake, etc.
The entire time I'll probably be posting what I do on my blog just to let people know what I'm up to.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Megacon 2010

Actually went to Megacon with a couple of friends of mine. I shall not give out their names for security purposes mostly. I don't know if they would want me to or not so hence why I give almost all the people I know nicknames when I refer them on here. Anyways, my two friends Michan and her friend went to Megacon last weekend and it was pretty fun other than the fact we only stayed for a couple hours due to the fact we didn't even leave Michan's house until after noon. I'll start from the beginning....

I went home from school to get ready and also clean some clothes for Saturday to wear to the convention. Got over to Michan's house around 8pm because it took me quite a while to leave my house. When I got over there, Michan and her mother were working on her cosplay outfit for Saturday. What had happened is the one they previously made of her overalls was too small because they didn't look at the size of the pattern they got to make overalls. So apparently they made kid's overalls. Michan, being almost 6 feet tall, would not fit in those. In short, it took until noon Saturday for them to finish the costume and everything. It was a real pain in the butt. At about noon, we were finally off and going to the convention center in Orlando which took a little over an hour.

The convention was quite big. We took the charter bus from the North building to the West building. Walking into the west building we had to go up stairs and through hallways but when we got to a certain part, they had the huge floor to ceiling windows that looked over the Dealer's Room of the convention. It was amazingly large.
I think we might have been there for about a couple hours until we left. I was a bit sad we didn't stay longer and didn't really get to see the events but till next time I guess! Saw several friends while we were there so that made me happy, and took some pictures of cosplayers. Hopefully when I got to Metrocon with Michan this summer I will take a LOT more pictures since we will be going three days and maybe post some pictures of my own cosplay I'll be doing.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I feel like such a horrible person and somehow like a drama queen. Where I'm like one of those people who makes such a big deal of something small. What do I do? I just blew up on one of my friends and now they won't talk to me. Tension was just building up from the past month in me and I blew up on him. Took my aggression out on him which I should have never done. It still happened though. I send him an offline message on instant messanger telling him the only way this will never happen again is by me to never talk to him again. I know there could be a better way of going about this but at the moment I'm really in such a crappy mood that this is all I'm thinking about. I don't want to ever throw my anger at him again but I know at some point as long as we are friends, it will happen.
I'm such an idiot. An IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT. I feel I throw away friends too easily. Help me. I'm sad now, but of course I would be.

Anyways, for your enjoyment. As the header picture of this post, I have posted a drawing I did last night. Took me a couple hours and I see so many flaws in it. For example the hair I could have probably done much better on. Also the face is a little too long. Or at least the forehead is. I'm sorry it fails very much but I tried.

Forgive me for this horrible post, btw.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Megacon Coming Soon

Hello everyone, I hope you are doing well. Tis I Nellie. Back from the dark depths of the real world. Hahaha. Not really. That's a complete lie. Sorry I barely post anymore but I MUST post about the upcoming event I'm attending this Saturday. As the title says, "Megacon Coming Soon". What is Megacon? Pretty much the entire name for it is Mega Convention. It's a place for anime, comic, and other fans come to gather and buy things as well as hang out with friends or just meet new people who possibly like the same things they do. The con lasts three days usually. From Friday to Sunday.
When is the con? Well, it happens to be this weekend in Orlando,FL. Several people will attend the con for all three days but I'm only attending Saturday with a friend of mine. She is actually cosplaying as the new pokemon trainer Soul from the game Soul Silver which is ironically coming out this Saturday. (As well as Heart Gold)
I myself was going to dress up as the pokemon trainer May but I didn't have the money to make the costume because I was saving up money for buying stuff at Megacon. I'm hoping to get some kind of hat. ;D ;D Hehe.

Well, I hope to have bunches of fun and if anyone else is going that you are too!
If you want anymore information on Megacon, like where it is and what time it's going to be going on then check out the website here: