Monday, February 15, 2010

Strong Feelings or Not?

Everyone's had those confusing dreams where you don't understand what's going on. As you view the dream from a 3rd person view, your own view, or even someone else's standpoint, there are questions you ask yourself. Where you are, who these peole are, and maybe occasionaly, what are these feelings? I had a dream last night that did not make sense to me whatsoever because I was at someone's house, moving stuff into several cars as if we were moving far away and never coming back. This made my overall feeling of the dream sad, as if this family of mine has been making me move all over the place before and we are leaving such a nice place again. You know when a dream kind of seems dark lighting, and a sad feeling or a bright happy place. Well this dream was the sad kind but occasional rays of sunshine here and there. The people we were moving boxes from their house, the people who lived there were a mother, grandmother and son. It seemed to me, I vaguely knew the mother as if I've met her before here and there thanks to my parents. But I did not really know the other two people.
Well, I was wandering around their place that seemed of nice size and I came into a room. A bed room with a queene sized bed to the left and a chair straight ahead with closet space to the right behind the chair that was in the corner on the other side of the room. In that comfy looking chair was someone, brown hair, of about my age or a little older and I had called him by a name. A name that I know particularly well in real life. I do not want to say his name because of the fact that he may one day see this post which would be very embarassing. Everyone knows what I mean, right? I entered this fairly good sized bedroom. (It's much larger than my bedroom that I currently have, that's for sure) Closed the door behind me and just stood there in awe over this guy. I didn't know what to say but my actions spoke for me because I just went up to him, leaned over and kissed him on the cheek gently and hugged him.
That's where the dream confuses me. Have you had a dream like this, well not exactly like this, but where you find yourself in a situation where someone you might not know too well or you do but think you don't really have feelings for all of a sudden, DO have feelings for them? It's not the first time random guy fellows I know have appeared in my dreams and made me think, "Do I have feelings for them?"

Other than that question, have you ever seen someone and just couldn't say anything but instead told yourself, "I want to hold them."? It was kind of like that in my dream. I wanted to say so many things but instead my actions spoke for me. As if someone had me by strings controlling me. It was a disturbing feelings but at the same time amazing. I wish to have more dreams like this. I have a feeling this dream occurred because I had talked to the person the night before for several hours. They had stuck into my mind subconsciously and replayed into my dreams.

I'm very sorry for those who had to read this nonsense. I felt like babbling about my dream that had happened, though most likely this will occur a lot more in the future. Or maybe not about my dreams but babbling nonsense in general. I'm quite good at it and I might as well put it in my blog. None of you have to read it but it would be nice to recieve some replies and thoughts.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


I'm sorry. I said I wanted to post more on here, like more of my drawings but I just haven't been drawing much in Photoshop or even getting on my computer much. Here's the last thing I drew in the program. It's not really all that good. I thought I didn't do too bad on the coloring but the line art fails horribly I have to say. Haha. I'll try getting on my computer more often and drawing.