Friday, November 13, 2009

What's Your Story?

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When you think of old people, what do you think of? You may be a person who's 40 years or younger, standing there looking at someone who is above the age of 60 and could either be considered your parent if you're of decent age or grandparent if you're a teenager or below. You stand there looking at this small person who looks so frail you could simply snap them in half with two fingers. Pretty much you look at a person like this, old, wrinkly, etc. (No offense to those out there who are like this. I'm don't mean anything bad.) When you look at them, what do you think?
Do you stand there just thinking, "Oh, this is an old person. Nothin much to them." But honestly when you get to speak to some of those up in years today, they might have been around when World War 2 happened or when something that changed history happened. My dad sparked this thought in me when he told me about some of the older people living in the trailer homes around where my parents used to work or own a small laundromat. My father looked at this old man and woman and thought nothing of them until he heard their stories. I'll tell you what my dad told me.

My dad came across an old man living in the trailer park. He got to talking to him and found out that this man was alive during World War II. Listening to my father's story about the old man amazed even me that this man was still alive today. During the war what had happened was he was captured over in Germany. They put him into a prisoner camp for 3 years. He went in weight at least 10-15 pounds less than 200. By the time he came out he was only 86 pounds. He pretty much starved for those three years yet he still survived. I can't say if he's still alive today because when my dad heart his story, I was still a little tyke.

Now there was also a little old lady my father encountered. Her story was that during the war (World War II), all the men were gone off fighting in the war. Since the men were gone, the women had to do all the jobs around. This womans job was to take the finished air planes just made and fly them to Hawaii so the men can use them in the war. That was her job, was to fly these planes so the men could use them in the war. Which in my opinion I think that's pretty amazing.

All in all, what I want to say is, everyone has a story to their life. Someone's story could be difficult like reading a Stephen King novel. Or their life could be easy like a Dr. Seuss book. Everyone's unique in their own way and has a story to tell. All we have to do is sit down, give a bit of our time to them, and simply listen. You'd be amazed at what a lot of these people have to say.