Friday, August 21, 2009

Summer's Over, School Starts

Listening to The Crow & The Butterfly by Shinedown,
And Contemplating when I might eat next.

The summer's pretty much over at this point. There are only tomorrow and the next day, then school starts for me. Some people have already started school I've heard on Gaia, but I'm not there yet. Just two more days until I am. Orientation wasn't too long ago. Two Monday's ago? Yeah. It was quite chaotic just like last year's orientation. The set-up was almost the same except this year they put us all in the gym to get our schedule then we had to sit there until our ticket number was called. It was supposed to start at 8am then last till 10am. For my friends and I we went in at 8am but left at 11am. We were there an extra hour because we sat sitting in the gym for the entire two hours until they called our ticket numbers. Afterwards we ventured around school getting everything then my friends and I had to go get our schedules changed because they were messed up. Jeeze, was it tiresome. I'm glad I got to go with my friend to Burger King afterwards to eat some chicken fries. Those things sure are tasty.
All in all though, I still don't really know what classes I'll have this year and I honestly don't care. I'm just going to attempt my best at them and surprise everyone. If I got straight A's this year, so many people would be surprised with their jaws dropping to the floor. That would make my year, gladly. I actually need to do my work this year unlike the past couple years. This is my last year of high school and I need to make something out of it before it all ends.

On another note, I've been in a drawing mood the past couple days since I heard about my friend working on t-shirt designs for the club she's in at school each year. It's call the Japanese Culture Club (JCC).
I'm not sure if I'm going to join yet but I just might because two of my friends are in there and I've liked Japanese culture since long ago. Since my friend has been drawing the t-shirt designs, I wanted to try drawing some ninja's as well (since that's what she was drawing). It's not much really, I'm still working on different stuff but I liked the first one I had going. I actually took a picture so my friend could look at him. I thought about giving him a name because it would be appropriate, right?

Well I hope everyone is doing alright this summer. Things are going fine right? I'm sorry I haven't posted in forever and I'm hoping to start posting more pictures and drawings on here after school starts. Look forward to it.

Btw, here's something I drew in Photoshop not to long ago. C:
I actually liked my coloring job on the kimono in this.
What do you think?