Thursday, July 16, 2009

Super Happy Fun Time

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What's this about Super Happy Fun Time? Well, tis a thread I made on Gaia. We didn't change the name of the thread until about 10-20 pages later. It's just a place for friends of mine and I to chat. Anyone else on Gaia who wants to chat also is welcome. I made the picture above because we had not to long ago got past 1,000 posts in the thread. Most of the posting was done by two friends of mine and I. But I wanted to do something for the 1,000 posts so I ended up drawing our three avi's together. It's a pretty crappy picture but I kind of like it. I MIGHT color it in later if I feel like it.

(Super Happy Fun Time)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Avi Art Headshot [For a Friend]

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Kind of been looking at other blogs that I had just found the links to from someone's profile on Gaia. They are pretty amazing and the artists are really good at what they do. One in particular is amazing. The way they draw and color just fascinates me.For this post I'm going to post a piece of art that isn't really much. Wish it was better and I should have probably took my time on it more to make it look better but nope, I did not. Very sorry about that. I did it of my friend's avi from Gaiaonline. She changes her avi a lot and it makes me want to draw it every time. So this week I drew her a headshot of her avi. I could have probably done a lot more and cleaned it up a bit but I did not. Here you go.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunset Adventure

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Hello everyone, I'm sorry I have not posted in a while. It's just been kind of hectic around the house this summer. School got out some time ago and it's been summer vacation. We've been having family troubles, but that isn't really the reason I haven't been posting recently. I just haven't had the motivation to post. I'm very sorry about this.

Anyways, why is the title of this post "Sunset Adventure"? Well, that's because I went on an adventure of course, while the sun was setting. I went on this great adventure with my mother not too long ago. Our destination was a bridge nearby that has the big curve upward in the middle so boats could go under it. Going here with my mother and actually walking over the bridge was magnificent because after getting ice cream, on our way back over the bridge, we got to see this amazing sky. Now of course I love the sky especially during sunrise or sunset because that's when it speaks to you the most, but this sky was amazing since there were so many colors in it. I will not post all the pictures right now in this post from that great adventure but I shall at least post one picture as my header to show how amazing it was.
By me showing you this picture that I had taken that day, you can enter my world and see what I see all the time. I love taking pictures of the sky since it tells a different story every day that it's just completely awesome.

Well I'm VERY VERY Sorry but this concludes my post. I will make another post later today or after this one if I feel like explaining how I'm doing and everything.

Oh yes, by the way