Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Rocky Horror Picture Show

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What is this you ask? Well I've been listening to my dad and my friend Casobi explain the movie Rocky Horror Picture Show to me. I've never actually seen it but they have. I'm hoping to watch it here coming this Sunday coming up. If not then another time for sure I shall watch it. Now my dad was explaining to me how people back years ago and still to this day go to showings of this movie in certain theaters at 12 midnight. This is kind of like a special seeing of a movie though because many fans like to go and see it and participation in the movie theater according to the movie. Like during scenes where they are singing and dancing, the audience dances while dressed up as characters from the movie. After hearing about this I kind of wanted to go just to see how it looked. That would be a very interesting movie to go see. Earlier Bubba was actually looking up online if they still showed it anywhere and they actually do in like 3-4 places around our state.
But anyways, Have you seen this movie? If not then maybe you should, just for laughs? Goodluck. I'll post another time to tell you if I've seen it and if I have, how it was.

Now, for your enjoyment in this post, I've found a video on Youtube from the movie of two songs from the movie called Time Warp and Sweet Transvestite. Beware, second song may not be suitable for younger viewers.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I think there's a storm coming.

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What's that I see down the street? Oh my, it's dark! I walked home earlier today and it was blazing hot out! I was sweating and the sun was shining and everything. From the moment I get home to a couple hours ago it started getting uber dark. Bubba and I went outside waiting for my mom to get home before they had to leave for bowling and we saw this. I ran back inside to grab my camera to snap pictures. While I was taking pictures my dad was talking to our new neighbors that moved in a couple months ago.
This ominous black cloud looked really suspicious, we honestly thought it could form into a tornado or something, don't you? That's when we got on the conversation of when my brother was coming home from school on his school bus in Elementary school. I was still a little baby and we were living in a different house at the time but my dad was driving not too far ahead of the bus towards our house. He had stopped or parked at the end of our street waiting for the bus or he was still driving, I'm not really sure which one but a funnel cloud had come down from the sky. It did not touch the ground but it had the power to launch all the garbage cans off the ground and everywhere down our street and other streets nearby maybe. I was actually at home probably somewhere under the funnel cloud. 
Now the bus my brother was in had turned around and went straight back to school. I don't blame the bus driver probably because he was thinking of the kids safety. But anyways, this is a small story of when my brother and I were still pretty young and it goes with the picture I took outside like half an hour ago.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Other Cool Blogs

What is this blog about? Well you can kind of tell thanks to the picture which I actually took not to long ago. It is of a bishop from chess. This blog belongs to my father who I refer to on here as Bubba all the time. He got into playing chess last year I think when I came home and told him how I had learned how to play chess thanks to someone in chess club. He made me sit down with him and play a 5 minute chess game with the board and clock and everything. It was hard because I lost every time. Sometime this school year he decided to join the chess club here in town. He doesn't go to it regularly but does go to it often.
This blog he made a while ago I think and it pretty much involves many chess videos and tips on some moves and what to do. Etc. If you are into chess and want to go to a blog totally about it and has many links to different sites or videos to help you, his is the one to go to.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Weird picture I know but that's what this blog has as the top picture on their blog. This blog I know the creator also because he is like one of my uber awesome online friends. His blog consists or random things kind of like mine but his is more in the area of writing about games, game systems, movies, his reviews on those movies, what new cool things in the world are coming out. I really like his blog because he can totally write way better than I can and its cool to see what he thinks of certain movies, if he thinks its ok then I'll go see them maybe.
If you like reading about what games or movies are coming out and that kind of area of writing then his blog is the one to read.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Random I tell you! Random. That picture there I put for this blog is one of their pictures on their site (so obviously they took it by the way). This blog is of two English teachers teaching in China who have made a blog. They post all kinds of weird things and pictures that they take in China. Of course China is different from our county so they might do things differently and whatnot.
If you want to look at cool pictures and read random stuff this is the blog for you. I really advise you to go check them out, it is one pretty cool and I think highly popular blog.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's that growing on my counter?

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Sorry I haven't posted in a while other than my Platypus post I just posted recently today. I've been busy with school and whatnot, though slowly I worked on my Platypus post. I might have general knowledge posts every once in a while every time I learn something new and want to look more up about it.

Now, about the picture I've posted as the header. What is this you probably ask? Wel it is a sweet potato. It is to be exact a sweet potato that has been sitting in that bowl on our counter for the past two months. It's started to sprout things out of it which later we are hoping to plant it at some time. Right now we cannot because it has been raining where we live and everything is flooding. I'll show you pictures maybe later in another post of a spot in our back yard near our side fence of our yard flooding. Anyways, this sweet potato, Bubba and I were talking about it earlier since it caught our eye at the time. We both agree'd that we should plant it soon and I asked how it could do this? He claimed that sweet potatoes aren't like regular ones because if those were regular potatoes you would make mashed potatoes with then they would have rotted by now. But since sweet potatoes have something in it unlike regular ones they have started sprouting roods or stems out of it. I would say roots but they don't look at all like roots. They are more like stems because if you look at the ends of some they are actually sprouting leaves.
Now let me just say before I conclude this odd random post, we have not watered or done anything to this sweet potato in the past two months. It has pretty much just been sitting there the entire time with no one doing anything. I just wanted to let you people know that, its just been sitting in a bowl for two months with no one giving it water or anything at all, and its sprouted stems.

Well I hope this has made your day or just say "Wow." If it did not then I am sorry you read this for no apparent reason and have not been affected. I will leave you to your business now. I might post another post today but I'm not sure. Have a nice day.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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I was watching a show on Disney channel earlier today after I got home from school. The show name was called Phineas & Ferb. It's pretty much a little kids short sort of but still kind of cool because of the things they do. Now in the show though, there are the two brothers Phineas & Ferb who wonder what to do each day for summer vacation. They build so many things from a roller coaster to a shuttle to other things that are quite amazing all in their backyard. But that's getting off track of where I have a picture posted as my header pic of a platypus. Why do I have this picture when I'm talking about a Disney show? Well, I was talking with Bubba while we were watching this show because Phineas in the show has a pet Platypus. Now this made me wonder because they were talking about Perry (Name of the platypus in the show) and I had to ask Bubba what a Platypus was and everything. He had told me how the world thought Platypus were extinct for so long until about 30-50 years ago someone had found one. This is our journy into wikipedia and whatnot about Platypus so sit back and read what I've found on them.

This semi-aquatic mammal was first discovered in 1798 by Europeans. The pelt and sketch of one was sent to the Untied Kingdom by Captain John Hunter as proof. Many scientists beilieved it was a hoax though.
The name Platypus ("Platys", flat, Board)("Pous", Foot) originally means "flat foot". Early british settlers called it names such as watermole, duckbill, and duckmole. It's body is pretty much covered with dense fur which helps it stay warm in the cold. Like we have insulation in the walls of our house to keep us warm during winter months. It's tail is used to store fat for reserve (like tasmanian devil & fat tailed sheep). Unlike a bird, the snout of a Platypus is a sensory organ with a mouth on the underside. Nostrils located on the dorsal surface of the snout, while eyes and ears are located in the groove set just back from it (That groove closes when swimming though). When a platypus is irritated it will make growls and weird sounds so pretty much if it starts doing that, back away slowly. Haha. The weight of these small mammals is about .7 to 2.4KG (1.5 to 5.3 LBS). Females are the smaller of the two at about 43cm (17in) while the males are a bit larger but not much at 50cm (20in). The last thing I have to discuss about its description is probably the body temperature. The body temperature of a Platypus is 32 Degree Celsius (90 Degree Fahrenheit) while a normal mammal's body temperature is 37 Degree Celsius (99 Degree Fahrenheit). So Platypus unlike normal mammals are much colder by several degrees.

Mmmmmm, Venom. Yes, some Platypus are venomous. Both males and females are born with ankle spurs. Though both of them are, only males spurs produce venom. This venom is powerful enough to kill dogs or cats, or at least animals of that size/smaller. Though it is venom, it is not lethal to humans. It may be so excruciating that a victim may be incapacitated. So stay clear of angry male Platypi that want to hit you with their venom. 

Well that is all I've got for today. Here's the link to the wikipedia page if you want to know more about Platypi. And maybe other pages also about them.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Upcoming Art

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I showed you my drawing of my cat Snoopy recently that I had given to my mom for Mother's Day. I had started it for art class but by the time Mother's Day started to get closer I decided to finish it, frame it and give it to Nana (My mom). I hope you all did like it. I've gotten a couple positive replies about it from my relatives so far and also classmates while I was working on it. Since I worked on it so hard the past couple weeks I figured I would do a couple more since I'm pretty much getting a grade for this in my art class. I thought about what I was going to do next all day today in my classes at school. By the time fourth period had rolled around I finally figured out that I would draw my brother in uniform. I know that we had a couple pictures around the house of him in uniform but apparently we don't have any extras. I really want to draw a marine pretty much ever since Yoshi (My Brother) became one. Whatever shall I do since I can't find an extra picture of my brother? I thought about it and then I thought, why don't I try asking all of you? Do any of you have pictures of loved ones you would like to be drawn that are/were in the arm that they are in uniform in the picture? I'm willing to draw young or old. Doesn't really matter, I'll at least try. Can't say I'll be any good though.

Also what I was going to do for future project was just drawing friends as well. My friend is doing a self portrait in her Drawing 1 class. (I'm in Drawing 3) I told her I might draw her because I had the sudden urge to so she said, "When I finish it, I'll give you the picture." I'm determined to draw more amazing things before the end of school in about 3 weeks since it will be my last year of having art. I don't think there are any drawing classes after three. I thought there was a fourth but nope and anyways my favorite teacher is leaving after this year because she is retiring. 

Anyways, look forward to more drawings and pictures from me everyone. I'll do my best and try not to disappoint anyone with my drawings or pictures.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

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Happy Mother's Day to all you mothers out there. I hope you are having a good day today. What have your daughters or sons or even grandkids gotten you for mother's day? I would like to know if its anything special, extraordinary or just cool. For my mother today I gave her my drawing I've been working on for the past couple weeks of our cat Snoopy. I found a cool looking picture that I've probably posted here on the blog and gridded it and drew it. It came out so cool looking though my paper was a bit crumpled here and there trying to take it back and forth from school and home. Nana (my mother) really liked it and everything. But now she told me I have to draw our OTHER cat Macy then draw my brother then both her and my dad. I could always make a family set for art class. Heh.

But anyways before I post the picture and my drawing of Snoopy I would like to know what your sons or daughters or just family got you for mothers day. Even if its pretty simple I would love to know.


Snoopy picture that I 
took with a digital camera.

Mother's day present 
I gave my mother. 
Pretty much a replica of the 
original image that I took.

Friday, May 8, 2009


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Just got done watching the movie Bolt with my parents. It was a pretty good movie especially if you want to have a good laugh. The movie is pretty much about Bolt the super dog who thinks bag guys are after his Penny but really they are all actors and so is he (He just doesn't know it). One day the company wants to twist the story a bit and so they have the green eyed man steal Penny. Bolt goes frantic and tries to save her yet he is locked away in his trailer where he manages to get out and falls into a box that ships him across the U.S. So pretty much he has to find his way back to Penny with helps from a feline friend Mittens who he thinks works for the green eyed man and a smaller companion by the name of Rhino who is a hamster.
After watching this movie I thought it was pretty good but that's just my opinion. What cracked me up the most was probably the hamster just because of some of the things he says and does in the movie just makes you want to laugh so much. I hope you're able to see this movie and if you do give me your opinion of it. Thanks.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Night at the Museum II

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Do you know that Night at the Museum 2 is coming out soon to theaters? Well it is. If you haven't already seen the first one then you should do that before going to see this one when it comes out. The first one I thought was really funny because my mother and I saw it I think when that was in theaters. We laughed because of some of the things that happened in the movie since its pretty much all these exhibits in a museum coming to life. There are several famous people in these movies including our man from Zoolander and recently Tropic Thunder (which I've heard Tropic Thunder is a funny movie) by the name of Ben Stiller. Also from Zoolander is Owen Wilson who plays a miniture cowboy from the old western exhibit I think.
Other people in this movie include....

Amy Adams
Robin Williams
Jonah Hill
Thomas Lenon
Bill Hader
Hank Azaria
Dick Van Dyke
Eugene Levy
Steve Coogan

....and many more.
Pretty much in the second movie it seems that Jedediah and Octavius have been shipped to the Smithsonian museum by mistake and Larry Daley (Ben Stiller) has to go rescue them. That's why the whole title name of the movie is Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian. I think while he is there he encounters obstacles to save them probably. I'm not really sure but I hope to see this movie after it comes out and you should too.

Now getting past the movie and on to the video I have that I found from Youtube is of a scene in the movie. Daley (Ben Stiller) and Amelia (Amy Adams)are talking to a statue in the Smithsonian I think about something important yet he's checking out a female statue nearby. He tries to impress her with how large of muscles he has. This scene they showed in the commercials on T.V. just made my dad and I laugh so much. It's just random and makes us laugh so I found it just to show you guys. I really hope this makes your day or at least laugh a little.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Growing Sunflowers

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Recently we started growing sunflowers out in our backyard originally in two pots. We are only growing four so far but we might grow more later. Right now I'm pretty much going to give tips on how to grow sunflowers since I might want to look up some information myself that way I know how to grow them. So lets begin with our little gardening lesson. ;D

Now to begin with you must first figure out what kind of sunflowers you intend to grow and where you are growing them. Sunflowers vary in height. Pretty much there are small, medium, and tall sunflowers. They can grow quite tall. The ones we had planted in our backyard at the moment said on the packet that they were 12 feet. Finding a place to grow them is also important because what I've found about them is that where you plant them is important because of sunlight. Since sunflower has the word "sun" in the name you want to make sure it gets at least 6 hours of sun a day. The heads of the sunflowers will point towards where the sun might rise because they look for sunlight. So it's good to figure out where you are going to place them especially if you want to look at the front of the heads instead of the back. Sunflowers will stretch to get sunlight if you put them in a shaded area so sometimes the sunflower will fall over. Some people will put their sunflowers along a fence line so they have support when they start growing taller and it's a good barrier between you and your neighbors if you want more privacy.

After figuring out what kind and wherer you are going to plant your sunflowers, next is taking care of them like watering them for example. You want to water them pretty often because watering them will help the stems keep the head of the sunflower from falling over. It gives them a good support. Though you could always put a steak into the ground to help them for support as well. Also you want to watch weather conditions. If you have heavy winds it can make the sunflower fall over just like some other plants.

Well that's all I have for the 
time being but here 
are a list of websites I've
 found useful information from.