Wednesday, April 8, 2009

St. Augustine With Nana

The parking garage Nana and I parked in.
There was only ONE lane open so 
that's why the line to get in was so long.

A cemetary we passed walking around St. Augustine.
I had to take a picture because I just love cemetaries. 
Don't know why.

The old fort.

I guess they were building 
a new bridge over there.



Kids were playing on the 
cannons which I guess isn't allowed?
I'm not sure.

Wooden bridge into the fort.

That's the small building you pay for 
tickets but we got in free that 
day because their computers broke down.

Moat stone stairs that people aren't allowed on.
Though they look pretty cool over there.

The courtyard. 
No one's allowed on the grass.
I think over there where it's taped off is the church room?

Quarters where the soldiers sleeped.

Flags and other stuff?

I think this is the rock 
the fort is made out of?

About the "Royal Coat Of Arms".

The coat of arms.

Large wooden doors.

Stuff in cases. xD 
Can't remember what they are for. Sorry.

Storage room.

Small model of the fort.

About the large canon that blew up.

The canon that blew up.

Weapons used back in the day.

Room for powder magazine?

Coartyard from the other side.
You can see the stairs leeding 
up to the top of the fort.

Room where the soldiers slept.
They would sleep four to a bunk.
Two on the bottom and two on the top.

At the ends of the beds is where they kept 
their belongings and weapons if you 
can see the notches in the frames.

Fort Mose?

Large wheeled canon.
Can't remember what room it was in though.

I think these were like ammo or something like that
soldiers used.

Barred window out to the courtyard.

Writing on the wall probably by soldiers.

A hole in the wall of the fort.
You can see shells in there I think.

Small warm enclosed room for storage I think?

The door we had to come through to get to this room.

I think maybe this was the eating area?
I'm not really sure.

Stairs up to the top.

Somewhere over there to 
the left is where we came in.

The Neccessary.

Bathrooms. ;D



Going up the stairs looking down.

Two long canons up on the room.

More canons.

Long canons up close.

This is I think where they would ring a bell.
Just can't remember what for though.
I think if they saw the enemy or something?

Rolling canons.


Looking off from the top of the fort to the left.

The moat around the fort.

The top thing. 
This is where the bell was. 
Gawsh, my memory sucks!



Bridge back to the gates.


Line Of Defense.

I went up top there!
Earlier before we came into the fort.


Entrance to the fort.

"Get off the nuclear warhead."
That's what my mom said while we were walking 
over by these canons and someone's kid was on one.


Those are the stairs we went up 
to get onto the roof of the fort.

The steps soldiers would stand on to fire at the enemy.

Fort flag.

About the flag.

Sentry Box.

We had to ask some dude what these were. 
The conversation went like this....
Us- Do you know what those are over there?
Guy- Yeah.
Us- Well?
Guy- Ooooh, you wanted to know what they were! Those are chimney's. 

Haha, I kept laughing after I had walked away. xD

There was a lot of writing in random places 
around the fort.

Stairs down to the first level of the fort.
They were repaird at some point in their life.

Right below where the chimney's were.

We forgot to come in her first before going
up the stairs. D:

More writing.

Entrance inside.

Bridge back outside.

Outside of the fort.

Bridge they are working on.
Might be done by now? D:
Who knows?


I think a canon ball hit here.

Urg, I can't remember what they did here. D:
Maybe make ammo or something?
But it's like a really big oven.

Big oven.

They would have canon's sit on a track so 
they can roll it around to the position where the enemy was.

There's some random kid over in the grass over there.

My mom wanted to know what 
those things were for down there.

My mom thought I was weird for taking this picture 
because I had to kneel down and whatnot to take this picutre.

That's the bridge to the gates way over to the right.
I got to walk on it. xD

After I hopped down from it I took this picture.


Nana thought I should take a picture 
of this because it looks so cool.

Restraunt or cafe up there.

Old Spanish Bakery I think.
I came here when I was on a field trip when I was little.
I can still remember.
Classmates and I had bread.
Or maybe it was for a fieldtrip when I was in summer camp.

What I had for lunch.
Mint Chocolate Chip Fudge. ;D
Tasted REALLY good.
I want some more now.

I think Nana had peanutbutter and Chocolate chip fudge?
Can't really remember.
But it also tasted good!

Nana was still smoking so I was forced to 
take random pictures around us while I waited.

I really like the houses around here.

Took this picture because my 
Spanish teacher's last name is on it. xD

Street we walked down in St. Augustine.

Yes, we actually went inside.
I made nana.
Just because I thought it was funny.

The mat they had on the ground 
before you went up the stairs.

Hehe, I really want this. xD

Pathway behind the building 
where the cat store was.

We finally got like in the middle of 
St. Augustine where this big square was.

Pavilion. I thought it looked cool.

Stairs up to the pavilion.

More of the pavilion. In the front of it there was a little pond.


Old dried up well.
This is where people would get 
their water back in the day.

Bucket in the well.

More of St. Augustine.

Really loud church.

Can't remember what building that was. 
I wish I could though.

About the prisoners of war?!

More old buildings in St. Augustine.

I really liked how this picture turned out.
The water came out nicely.

AT&T bulding in St. Augustine.
Nana's been here.

Yes, we actually saw chickens.
It was like the momma and three babies.
They were adorable.

The new AT&T parking lot.
The old one was next to the AT&T bulding
but now it moved to way over here.

I really loved the front of this building.

It was very pretty.

I liked that house.

Ok, I only took this picture because 
one I'm still trying to figure out what it says in English.
And two, it has the name of the dude I like in it.

I asked Nana to come into this one area 
because I loved the vines over head.
I just had to take a picture of them.

Big water wheel.
People were taking pictures in front of it.

Fountain next to the cafe we ate at.

The cafe we ate at.
Nana had ordered a drink inside and the people were like ok, hold on.
At some point another person asked, "Can I get you anything?"
Nana said that she had already ordered and was waiting.
The guy was like, "Oh, I'm sorry! _____ must have forgotten about you. This one's free on us then."
Other guy working there said, "But she already paid."
Guy number one was like, "Oh well next time you come then you get something free."
Guy two, "Yeah, what if she's from Omaha, Nebraska?"

So now apparently we are from Omaha, Nebraska. ;D 
That was so hilarious.


Carriage rides around St. Augustine anyone?

Gates from the other side.

Same cemetary as earlier. xD


Visitor Center.

Memorial bricks?

Beginning of the Old Spanish Trail.

Heads spittin water.

Clock. Thought it looked cool
so I took a picture.

Made Nana walk up like four stories to the top
of the parking garage so I could take a picture off
of it.

Looking off the parking garage.

There were only a couple cars up here.

Leaving to go shopping at the St. Augustine outlet mall.
That's where I got my new converse. ;D