Thursday, January 29, 2009

R.I.P. Bun Buns

Currently: Very sad and Crying.

Today, around noonish my dad had found my bunny rabbit out in his cage laying there on his side. After Bun Bun had not have moved, Bubba I think thought something was wrong and not much later he found out that our rabbit had died. I'm not really sure about all the details but I guess he had called my mother and told her the bad news or something. She got off work a couple hours early and called my cell asking if I wanted to be picked up. I had told her no because I was hanging out with friends but after I asked why she got off earlier. She had told me, "I'll tell you when you get home." That immediately made me think something was up. By the way my mother had said that I started to think what could be wrong. Someone's dead or a friend said maybe my mother lost her job. Now skipping to right before I was told after being picked up...

I had walked home 2/3 of the way home with my friend Willard who was complaining because he had no jacket. He was cold and it was raining to top it off. He kept thinking aloud saying he wanted a girlfriend, how he would end up like the 40 year old virgin, and how he hated himself. Going through that ordeal brought my day down a bit though I was still happy because I got to see the guy I like twice today in the two classes we are in. But anyways, I called Bubba and he came to pick me up at the end of a street in our neighborhood. After picking me up halfway down that street he told me that he found Bun Bun's and he had died. I started crying by the time we got to the end of the street and turned towards our house. We got to our house and both I and my mother were crying. I just wandered around the house aimlessly like I do every day after I get home but I was just so sad. All I wanted to do was hug my cats at that point.

That bunny has lived since before we moved into this house and we probably had him about 10 years or so. He was a very awesome rabbit and I shall never forget him. I'm going to be thinking as I sit in school tomorrow ignoring teachers like I usually do how it will be in my house without our rabbit. Every day my parents would ask if I've fed the rabbit or how I'd ask when the last time his cage has been cleaned. What's going to happen now? I don't really know. I want to ask if we are going to get a new one but I don't really want to at the same time. It's just really sad. My good day turned into a horrible one in a matter of minutes. It was horrible and I'm still sad over it.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

First Birds

Currently: Wearing my brother's Bear slippers and Chatting about making a new blog with a friend.

We got a bird feeder for Christmas from our relatives. Well technically the feeder is Nana's since she's the one who got it but we got the feeder and hung it up. Since Christmas we haven't really had any birds come to eat at our feeder until recently. Our very first bird was a red cardinal. Then another one came earlier today along with another little brown bird. Bubba started yelling at me to take pictures of the birds and so I did but I can't really say they came out too well because I was inside taking a picture of them from the window. Plus I had to zoom in so far. The setting I was on with my camera was I think landscape. The picture quality came out pretty good for me being zoomed in though.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Circuit City Out Of Business

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That's right, Best Buys competitor Circuit City is going out of business due to going bankrupt. I myself have never really gone or bought anything from Circuit City in a long time but my dad, Bubba, went over there earlier to look for a good external hard drive for my brother and came home with two. He ended up buying a 250 gig and a 500 gig external hard drive. The smaller one is for my brother Yoshi and the larger one is for us. Even though we have one that is actually mine, he said that since it was like 80 dollars that he would get it. Going to Circuit City he said, there was a guy standing out on the side of the road with a sign saying, "Circuit City going out of business, everything 10% to 30% off!" Going inside he claimed everyone had gone today because registers were packed and people were probably all over the place looking at stuff. The only way he got out of there fast after grabbing the hard drives was that a couple people had opened registers up in the back of the store because the ones in the front were packed with like 30 people. What chaos I have to say! Hearing about it just made me think of a mental picture of it.
Well we should say farewell to poor Circuit City. I thought of writing a blog post about it after my friend from Inside The Briefcase wrote a post on his blog about the business and what he says about it closing. Finally I write about it after hearing about it a couple days ago because now I have some pictures of my own to post with this blog post. Hopefully next time I might actually get a picture of the actual business closing down. Maybe if I go with my father another time before it officially closes to look at their tripods then I'll take a picture of Circuit City. But for now you'll have to stick with a picture I find online and the ones I've taken of our external hard drives.


Friday, January 16, 2009

Secret World

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Imagine yourself entering a large glass building like the one in the picture above. Stepping on an elevator leading you up into the building. Once the elevator stops at a random floor you step out into another world. You seem to walk into a level of the building that seems like it is outside because you can see the sky but it is actually all inside. Two of your friends who entered the building shortly after you come up and walk out of a doorway similar to the one you just came through. You are all amazed by what you are looking at then chatter amongst yourself wondering what to do now until someone or something comes over to you. It's not exactly human but is built similar to one. Walking over to you this human like thing talks, "Hello and welcome to Raitos Company. Where your imagination comes to life."

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Nausicaä Of The Valley Of The Wind

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Nausicaä Of The Valley of The Wind
1984 Film
Written by Hayao Miyazaki
Based on his the Manga he wrote of Nausicaä.

Just got done watching Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. It is a movie by Hayao Miyazaki. The movie itself takes place 1000 years after the "Seven Days of Fire". During those days of fire, large warriors walked the Earth destroying and setting ablaze everything in sight. Scattered groups of humans survived though seperated by each other by the Sea of Decay also named Rotting Sea, Sea of Fungus, Sea of Corruption or Toxic Jungle. They call this so called jungle toxic because it is filled with giant plants and fungi swarming with giant insects. The entire jungle along with the plants, water and even the air are lethally toxic and could kill the humans if they did not have masks on.
The main character and hero of this story goes by the name of Nausicaä who happens to be the princess of the Valley of the Wind. This young girl is a skilled fighter though is very peace loving and wants nothing but peace amongst everyone and everything. Her gift is being able to communicate with the large insects from the Toxic Jungle, or to be more exact of what kind of insect she really communicates with throughout the movie is the Ohms. (Ohms, like in the header picture, are large armored caterpillar-like insects who are the most intelligent insects in the Sea of Decay)
Now what basically goes on in this movie is that Nausicaä has to try to save her village that has been peaceful for the past several years from the Tolmekian army who invades after one of their air ships had crash landed in the valley. On board they were carrying something mysterious which caused the Tolmekian army to invade and take back what was rightfully theirs. Another kingdom involved in everything was Pejite. After the air ship had crashed in their valley, Nausicaä attempted to try and save the princess of Pejite but failed.

What will Nausicaä do to save her valley from the invaders from Tolmekia? You'll just have to watch the movie yourself and see.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Do Identical Twins Have The Same Fingerprints?

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The question of identical twins having the same fingerprints came to mind after watching the Google phone comercials where one of the questions people asked was, "Do identical twins have the same fingerprints?" Now after I watched that commercial several times because they just love showing it on the TV, I thought of the question. I figured that today after watching that particular commercial while watching Real Genius on G4 that I would post a blog post about it and now I am. I looked it up and found out that no, identical twins do not have the same fingerprints. Even though they they might have the same genetic makeup or their DNA is indistinguishable their fingerprints are rather different. This site that I got the information off of said that ones fingerprints are believed to be influenced by their environment. Like where they are in the whom or growth rate of the fingers at the end of the first trimester. In each of the twins fingerprints the ridges or whorls might be similar but there are also differences in each fingerprint. Just like there would be differences in fingerprints of my fingers and someone else, like you.

Missing Person FOUND

Currently: Just got done watching Real Genius on G4.

My relatives who I posted about in my last post saying he was missing has been found. It was a miracle that my mom's relative actually found him but she did. She is currently taking him around trying to sober him up and get him some food because the way he sounds wasn't too good. My father tried to talk to him and his words were slurring while it seemed like he couldn't keep a conversation. We have faith in my mom's relative to look after him until we can get him on a flight here. Don't exactly know when that will be though, but hopefully in the next couple days.

At least he is alright though.

Missing Person Alert

Currently: Listening to music as well as my dad talk on the phone to everyone who is worried.

The title is right, we currently have a missing person who would be one of my relatives. We are all worried about him because last someone talked to him, he was drugged up in the San Francisco Airport. Now this guy is related to my dad which we have another relative going to the airport to find him from my mom's side of the family. Everyone says that he is drugged up with an addictive drug that would also maybe make him fall asleep. The confussion has lasted quite a while now while this man has been at that very large airport for two days or so I thought I heard. He was supposed to travel here a couple days ago but something seems to be wrong with him.

I shall post later if we have heard anything from the relative on my mothers side of the family.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Angel Art

Currently: Talking to the maker of Inside The Briefcase.

Technically I drew this picture a whiiiile ago and took this picture over my winter break away from school. Or so I think. Anyways, its of an angel because I have an addiction to drawing angels. I doodled something up before on another page of a school girl at her deks with an angel one, yes one, and I wanted to try drawing something full page and coloring it. Out of this photo the only thing I really liked was pretty much the wings. Not so much the shape of them but really the color of them. I had fun shading those wings. Everything thing else I didn't really like, especially the hair.
Right now I'm working on sort of an Alice themed picture but not really. I thought of Alice from Alice in Wonder Land because my friends were drawing their own Alice's in their sketchbooks for their selves or friends. I have a lot of friends who draw just like me and I get inspiration from them. One in particular because the way she draws is just awesome. I seek her for inspiration. Whenever I see her drawings for art class I love them so much! They inspire me, especially when she colors her work. She actually has a Deviantart but there are only two pieces of her art on there from class. They were probably scanned at school too.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ear Candle Wax Removal

Currently: Listening to music from Inside The Briefcase's blog. (My friends blog)

My ear sort of clogged up again because I was itching it and in result pushed ear wax into my ear. I had my mother, Nana, put drops into my ear that we had from the last time my ear has clogged up. It seems to always be my left ear for some odd reason. Then again it is me who is causing my ear to plug up fro pushing too much wax further into the ear.
I remembered after I got out of the shower and my ear had sort of unplugged that we had bought those candles you use to suck ear wax from your ear. What you do with the special ear wax candle is put it up to your ear. (Ex. Picture in this post) You might want to get a friend to help you with this. After putting the candle next to your ear you light the opposite end thats in your ear and hold it there. In some pictures I saw or heard from a relative is that you might want to get a plate and stick the candle through it or put some rang around the part of the candle near your ear so while the other end is on fire it won't drip wax onto you.
Now the bad part about these candles as my dad, Bubba, had found out from reviews of these candles online was that if any of the hot wax drips into your ear canal or something, then you might permanently damage your hearing. After finding out about this we sort of got rid of the candles or gave them away and just stuck with the drops that I had. If I ever do try them one day then I shall give you a review of how well it works. For now, just try not to get your earls clogged. It really does suck not hearing as well in that ear for a while until it unplugs or something.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Currently: Just got out of th shower.

So this will be my very first post of the year '09. I think I started this blog about a year ago if I think about it right now. Or no, wait, that was another blog. Let us just say I've been on Blogger for about a year now. I've posted so many things that I've honestly forgotten what all I've posted.

How was everyone's New Years Eve? Did ya party and have lots of fun? I spent the night over at my friend Casobe's house with another friend of ours. We were able to eat chips, watch weird stuff on TV, watch movies, and even play with ALOT of kitties across the street from Casobe's house. I didn't have my camera with me at the time so I wasn't able to take lots of pictures of the kitties. Casobe and I stayed up forever watching Little Miss Sunshine aswell as on the computer. Our other friend had fallen asleep. It was a pretty epic New Years Eve. I wonder what this year will bring me? Better grades, new love, new friends or something unexpected? I don't really know but I can't wait. I shall turn 18 years old this year. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time I'm not really. But anyways, I never did think up of New Years Resolutions for this year. What shall they be? I'll start making a list right now....

1 - Get better grades.
2 - Find a boyfriend.
3 - Get a life.
4 - Make new friends.
5 - Start playing sports again.
6 - Make sure Nana stops smoking.
7 - Draw something AMAZING!
8 - Take lots of pictures.
9 - Think of more resolutions.

There is my list of resolutions. I'll have to work on them hard. I might add more to it later if I ever think of something. But for now that's all you people get. I'm really sorry.

(Note: Picture was not taken by me.)