Thursday, December 25, 2008

New Phone

Currently: Charging my new celly.

Today is Christmas and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope it was eventful like mine. Christmas eve night I could not sleep because I was to hyped up from opening my presents that night. We opened all our presents on Christmas Eve night and opened stocking stuffers the next Today we went over to my Grandma's house to open more presents and I think they are awesome. I really loved my present from my grandma because I got 50 dollars in a box. I mean, in there was straw and on top was just a 50 dollar bill. It was funny. I should have taken a picture of it but I forgot. I'll have to save it up for something I might want.

The most awesome gift I have gotten though would have to be my new cell phone or actually my very first cell phone. My parents gave me my brothers old phone a several years ago when we went up to New York but I racked up a $140 bill with text messaging people. Since then they didn't trust me with a phone I guess. But now they got me an LG Shine red phone with unlimited texting. Plus we get a discount on our home phone and NOW our cell phones because Nana works for AT&T. My parents never knew we could get a discount on our cell phones before until someone at work mentioned it to her.
I'm really happy about my new cell phone. I really like it, plus its in a cover just like Nana's. I've been texting my friend all day today since he gave me his number. It's addicting. Now I know why my cousin does it all the time.

Well, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!
I'll post again later.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Failing Runner

Currently: About to go to bed.

I know I may have the thing at the bottom of my blog page that says, "Run 30 something miles by Christmas". Well, that's not going to happen considering I've only ran about 5 miles. I've really been slacking off. I know by the time this next 5k race comes around, I won't be in shape as I would like to. At least I'm not running a half marathon like one of my friends is doing. I think she said it was going to be over at Disney in Orlando. I wish her the best of luck and hope she actually survives. Her stamina is greater than mine I know that from P.E we have 4th period each day. Starting the next half the school year though, both I and her will change classes and won't see each other that class period anymore. She will have weightlifting because she's on the weightlifting team and I will have Personal Fitness (Again). I sort of failed it last year so its one of the classes I have to retake this year.
Well, hopefully by January 5th or somewhere around there I will be running more and my stamina will increase. If not then I'm doomed. One of these days I would love to beat one of my parents in one of these 5k races. That's my dream. Oh, well, besides actually completing high school that is.

(Note: Picture was found on Deviantart by kat-tee)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Your Eyes Talk To Me

Currently: Wanting to take more pictures of the cats.

I have a new fascination. It's not exactly new because I've been fascinated by them for years not. I just finally realized it completely as of this school year. I really love eyes that are deep brown. This freshman in one of my classes has deep brown eyes and ever since I saw him the first day of school in my class or actually two of my classes, his eyes have just captivated me. All I would ever want to do is draw either them or just him.
Whenever I look over at him even for a couple seconds my eyes look straight at his eyes and then it happens. As if something's talking to me and the world completely stops around me. 

I think just different eyes that I see of peoples talk to me, telling me different stories about themselves. I've always wondered what would happen if there's that one day you look into someone's eyes and are completely frozen. All the things those eyes have seen are flowing through your body. Love, Life, Death, Friends, and Everything.


I sit there in class looking around the classroom aimlessly until my eyes meet yours. My world pauses for a mere second. I dare not to pull my eyes away because they are completely fixed upon yours. What do you think of me? Would you notice if I wasn't here? I bet not probably. You sit there laughing with your friends each day that I am able to hear about who you are and what kind of things you like to do. My ears can't help but to listen in on your conversations. I feel as if I'm a bad person for listening in, eavesdropping on conversations that I shouldn't be listening to maybe.
All of a sudden as I come back to the world from my own, my ears are rapidly filled with laughter light a rushing river. Your conversations disappear, not being able to be heard because of other students.

Christmas Is Almost Here

Currently: Listening to music and Chatting with a friend. ;D

As everyone knows, the holiday Christmas is coming up this Thursday. The holiday where little kids pretend to sleep the night of Christmas Eve. Sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night hoping to catch a glimpse of jolly old Santa Clause. He comes down our chimneys as we sleep by magic to put presents under our tree. 
The next morning the kids wake up early running into their parents room to wake them up to open presents. For my family we sort of open all the presents from under the tree on Christmas Eve night. Christmas morning we open our stocking stuffers then laze around a bit messing with our presents until we head over to my Grandma's house around noon just to stuff our faces with different kinds of food either after or before we open more presents from everyone. As the years have gone by for us our family who meet up at her house gets smaller. Everyone of course has their own lives and not every year can they come to Grandma's house for Christmas.

My question is for everyone, what do you do for Christmas OR do you even celebrate this holiday? If not, what do you celebrate and how do you celebrate it?

(Note: Picture is by `nighty on Deviantart.)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas Lights

Currently: Sneezing.

Just got back with Nana. We were out in other neighborhoods we had traveled to taking pictures of lights. This one neighborhood we know is really cool because alot of people have their houses all decorated. One house in our neighborhood particular that was actually on the news for house you can see from outerspace or something like that was really amazing. They had their own radio station that played like 3-4 songs total but as each song went the lights danced acording to the song I actually got the front of the house and the side of the house video taping. The front of it when I was video taping you can't really hear the music or anything. The side of the house while Nana and I were over there video taping, we were next to an RV playing the music on the radio really loud.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

He's in JROTC.

Currently: Feeling ill and Messing around with Chrome browser.

During my fourth period track class I had called Bubba to come and pick me up because I wasn't feeling too good. It was my time of the month and I had the cramps. For me they are really bad because I have a low tolerance to pain compared to my mother. She's gone through a lot of pain in the past years so she has a high tolerance to pain aswell as some of my friends.

Sitting in fourth period I didn't exactly want to come home because I hate when I come home during school or stay home at all. It's always so boring and all my friends are at school, not at home. I had to duck low into a corner of the basketball court outside to call my dad from my cousin's cellphone with a couple friends around me. I had to convince my dad to pick me up after the class was over and lunch began. It wasn't exactly easy. Though as I sat in fourth period then walked around with friends trying to put aside the pain I felt bad that I wouldn't be able to see this one guy I like in seventh period today. 
Yep, that's right. I like a guy in one or actually two of my classes. He happened to be in my fourth period at that time while I was calling my dad. I don't know if I like him or that I just think that he's cute and I REALLY love his eyes. He's only a freshmen at my school though. He's also in JROTC which I think is really cool because I've always admired some of the people in there. In nineth grade I used to hang out with a friend of mine over at the JROTC tables where I got to meet or know the names of quite a few of them. After school there would usually be Raider Team on some days and others there would be Drill Team. Raider is more getting active, running, and exercise. Somewhat like Physical Training my brother had to do when he came down here on leave. Each week or every couple days he would have to go in for PT.
Drill team on the other hand is more the people who would walk in groups, spin rifles, and such like that. Not as active as Raider Team but still pretty active. I've seen Drill outside where they are all in groups and have to walk together where their stepping motion would be in sync.

The guy I happen to like is in JROTC and I really think he's cool for that. Even though I have other JROTC people in my other classes he just stood out the most probably because he's just a cute little freshman I guess. I'll explain later I guess.

Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Been Playing Grand Theft Auto IV

Currently: Sick with a stuffy nose.

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. Been somewhat hectic with school as well as other things. Trying not to fail my classes in school at the moment. As of yesterday around 6Th period I got sick with a stuffy nose. Probably from walking around in the rain without a jacket from class to class. I did not remember to grab my jacket out of my locker but then again I didn't want to carry it along with my other stuff so I just left it there. Now I'm sick with a stuffy nose. Glad I don't have a soar throat like I did earlier today.

All night my parents and I have been playing Grand Theft Auto IV. It's a pretty cool game or at least something to pass time and whatnot. We have been handing the controller off to each other while yelling at one another. Nana's really gotten hooked to it because she's been playing for the past couple hours. I played it first then gave the controller to Bubba and now Nana has it. We would all sit around and have some laughs. It's piratically the first time I've seen my parents play something that isn't a computer game. Bubba wasn't too happy about the camera motions in the game while your driving and neither are any of us either. We were just trying the Synaxis I think its called where you drive with the wireless mouse and whatnot? It's quite hard!

I'll get back to you all another day about my plans for Christmas, and maybe my Christmas decoration photos I took earlier tonight.