Sunday, November 30, 2008

Might Fail English?!?!

Currently: Working on English homework due this week.

I've got tons of English homework due this week all before this Wednesday. I have twenty pages of scrapbooks due er... well actually I'm not sure what day they are due but sometime in the next couple days. I also have one page journal entries due by Wednesday. Which I actually have to do twenty-five of them. But they are only a page long that I have to do. Though I have to say some of the subjects are either weird or hard to write an entire page on. I'll just have to use my imagination.

I might not be able to post for the next couple days because of these projects but I'll find time afterwards.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Invitation by Shibasaki Kou

Invitation by Shibasaki Kou.

I really liked the music video and the music to this so I figured I would post it. Sorries its quite random. And I'll have to find a translation to this later hopefully. If not then I'm REALLY SORRIES!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Will it ever be completed?

Currently: Just got done watching Amazing Wedding Cakes & Don't know what to do now.

I don't know if I've ever posted on this blog about my father,Bubba, and the backroom. Well it's been atleast a year or two now since the backroom was started. Bubba ripped out the carpet, painted the walls, and put in wood flooring that was such a hastle but he completed all that. Right now all he has to do is do the molding I think it is called around the room. He's been putting it off for the past 2-3 months now. I'm starting to get irritated at him because he's here all day. It's not like he isn't doing anything atleast, since he' cleaning around the house and making us our food but still we would like the backroom to be done. That room now hasn't been touched by him in months. The only people or er...things...that have been back there now are our cats. It's getting quite annoying. The next project he has after that room is the master bathroom that's being worked on for the past seven years. Yep, we haven't used that shower since the first 2-4 years we moved into this house.

Will he ever finish anything?
I think Not.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mr. Froggy

Currently: Tried to IM someone but they didn't reply. They must be busy.

We have many frogs on our porch that like to hide anywhere they can. We usually notice the ones that hide in our hanging pots which my mom found one the other day and I snapped this picture. Took me several days like my other pictures to upload but here it is finally. Sorry I only have the name Mr. Froggy for him but my nicknaming these days is on the fritz. I don't really know a good name for him so I'll just call him that. Wait! I could always call him Dave. Yeah, that's not such a bad name. Dave it is then! Anyways, Dave was sitting in our pot looking out at us. Nana, my mother, pointed to him which made me run to grab my camera. I took several pictures of him. I'm only uploading two pictures of him right now. One of the entire hanging pot and a closer up picture of his face sticking out of the hole of the pot.

Heavens Light

Currently: Listening to the radio and Still can't find my paintbrushes. D:

No I'm not really religious its just I'm running out of titles for all of my pictures I've taken of the sky. I've taken so many pictures its not like I can just name all of them individually. Anyways I took this picture either after school one day from the parking lot or on my way home. I pulled out my camera as I was with my best friend Willard and snapped this shot. I didn't upload it until just now because I'm very lazy and haven't uploaded any of the pictures I've taken with my camera since this weekend probably. Sorry it took several days just to upload some pictures. I've also noticed how I've been slacking on my posts so I apologize now. This isn't the only thing I'm posting tonight because there's more to come including a frog, more sky pictures, shoes, and other stuff that I just immediately forgot.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

How Do You Feel?

Currently: Singing to a song from my blog and Have the major urge to draw.

A friend of mine currently just got himself a new girlfriend. Don't know how long this one will last but hopefully longer than his previous ones. He seems really happy which reminds me of how him and some of my other friends get when they go out with someone or if they like someone.

What I'm saying is have you ever had that feeling of liking someone where you just see them and nothing else is there? The world has stopped for a moment where your eyes meet where ever you see each other if its school, work, or just randomly in public. You turn heads to meet eyes and bam, the worlds completely gone. Like the slate has been wiped clean or you have started a new painting canvas. It is really an amazing feeling. It's happened to me before but it's not really like I love the person or anything since I'm an amateur at that. Still in high school and of course as a lot of adults say, we kids don't know the first thing about love but we are still learning. I don't really think anyone knows what love is until they meet that one person. But still then we all have our different moments of love and what we feel, or so that's my opinion.

Yeah, I'm sorry for ranting or anything like that. Just having sort of like one of my romantic moments. It could be from the movie I had just watched with my mother. We just got done watching The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants 2. I like sappy love movies, I just can't help it.

Weird Yet Beautiful Dreams

Currently: Yawning.

Everyone's had those days where they are thinking about something alot for quite a while before you go to bed right? Then sometimes if you remember your dreams they sort of have to do with what you were thinking about. That happened to me last night because I had 2 parts of a dream where one setting happened to be the gym at my school while the other happened to be this house or garden that I've never been to before but it was as if I think my grandma lived there.

The first part of my dream had to do with what I was thinking about last night. I had been thinking about a couple of these dudes on the basketball team at our school because while I was doodling last night I remember those same guys used to play football at my school a couple years ago when they were Freshmans. Right now I'm a junior in high school and they are both sophmores. But in the past two years they have been at my school they went from playing football to basketball. That was on my mind for some time last night until I went to bed around 10 P.M. Now since I was thinking about that and I saw them after school yesterday that must have triggered a part of my brain to dream about something basketball related. In my dream I happened to be on or just joined the female basketball team at my school along with a friend of mine. I knew her in my dream but in real life I don't really know who she could be. Now in my dream my endurance sucked and people told me I shouldn't be a basketball player because of how out of shape I am but there was this one guy who cheered me on because he's one of my friends. His name was Damon and he happens to actually go to my school. I know him and have talked to him because of JROTC. I usually know most the JROTC guys who are either juniors or seniors. I guess in my dream I liked him and I don't know why? But we were both somewhat jealous of each other because both of us could do things the other can't? I'm not really sure what this dream means.

Now the second part happened to be in a really pretty garden that seemed to be owned by my grandmother on my father's side of the family. It was beautiful and my rabbit was hopping around joyfuly around the place. I was afraid he might escape but my grandma and others told me not to worry too much about it. This part of my dream was really short but Bubba told me we were leaving in my dream but I went in to get BunBun my rabbit and my grandma was awake so I started to talk to her. Completely forgetting about my father who was waiting at the front gate of the place. This garden in my dream I'm telling you about seemed like a Japanese Garden because there was a two room sort of like place in the middle that seemed Japanese like. It was beautfiul.

I thought after I woke up that maybe I could happen to draw these settings in my dream so others could know what I was dreaming. It's really fun to be able to draw since then you can wake up from a dream and start drawing what happened either in one picture other a million mini pictures.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Dear Friend

Currently: Wanting to talk to someone..... liiiiiike Mr. Natalie? xD Or Ki-kun. Because they are both epic. Also not knowing what I'm about to type.

Dear Friend,

You silently sit there every day as I watch you from afar. Wanting to speak to you each day but not having any courage to. What am I able to do to get your attention away from those other people that you talk to and notice more than I? I would do anything if I had the courage that is. Please tell me. The way you speak, the way you act, and how you make me laugh no matter what makes my heart beat so fast that it's about to jump out of my own chest.

So please, I would love very much if one day you would come over and talk to me.


(Random moment? xD )

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bishop's Bounty Chess Blog

Currently: Glomping people, Chatting in forums on Gaia, and Talking to Ki-kun.

Bishops Bounty

If any of you play the game of chess then do I have a blog for you? Well it happens to be my dad's new chess blog that he made because lately he's REALLY REALLY been into chess. He used to play chess when he was in the military years ago but he quit after he got out because he just didn't really have anyone to play against anymore. When I came home and told him I had learned how to play chess after school, he immediatelly pulled out a chess map, pieces, and even the timing clock. I have to tell you I've lost every time I play him or in the middle I'll ask for a break as my excuse to run away and not finish the game. Yes, I'm pretty much a wimp at board games like those.

Bubba has really gotten into the game of chess where he's doing all these chess puzzles, watching other people play chess online and start cursing at the computer because of how horrible they are doing. I'll even walk up to him and ask what's going on. He'll usually show me or tell me how this one player could easilly check-mate another player. His blog basically has a daily puzzle on it and posts/video's on how to play chess or a trainer on youtube that he's put where he shows you how to play. It's pretty cool though he only has a little over ten posts right now so you might have to wait for more. Maybe even YOU could challenge him if you wanted to.

(Picture Taken By Me. ^^ )

Have You Been In A Corn Maze?

Currently: Tired from the babyshower and Full of cake though hungry again.

Several weekends ago I had gone to a corn maze with my aunt and cousin. It was really cool and I had brought my camera with me so of course I got tons of pictures while we were there. Some people might think its boring since its just a maze its nothing but corn. It was really cool I have to admit. The name of the place we had gone was
Long & Scott's Farm. The website they have is pretty cool because it has an air photo of the actual maze. Each year they do a different theme for the maze and grow their corn into that shape. When we had gone several weeks to a month ago it was a tractor. The smaller maze for the children below the larger maze was for the kids which was a John Deere symbol. Right befor you go into the maze they have several other REALLY small mazes off to the side where kids can go and play like the mist maze, rock maze, huge tires with sand around them for kids to play on along with other stuff. To get in I think it didn't cost that much. Not sure how much it was for the three of us though. You're supposed to get a 2 page book thing with questions that you're supposed to answer in the maze along with a map on the back you use the 3D glasses to look at. Like those glasses that make everything red and the picture shows up. Somewhere in the middle of the maze when we crossed the bridge to go from one section to another I sorta lost the map for us. So we wandered around until we found the exit of the yellow area.

There are I think several sections where you have to stay on the trail. There was blue, yellow, red or orange, and I think white. You weren't aloud to eat the corn, pull the corn off the stalk, run, smoke, or curse in the maze. We all had to watch this video before going through the tunnel/hill to get to the maze. It was really cool I have to admit. For someone who gets bored easily, well I don't know how fun it would be.

(To see more pictures from my corn maze adventure they are on my other blog

Friday, November 14, 2008

Henry The Frog

Currently: Wanting to read more of my book.

Tonight while outside on my porch with Nana, we were waiting for the space shuttle to launch but that is another blog post entirely I might post later tonight. Right now what I'm posting about is my mother's large frog that we see on our porch all the time. As you can see for the title we have named him Henry or well Bubba and I did. I was trying to save the picture after we had gotten done resizing it and cropping it so the only thing mostly in the picture was the frog I WAS going to save it as 'Here Froggy Froggy' but instead my dad thought I was putting Henry. So that's how we got his name ........ just now. Anyways he looks like a pretty cool frog though don't know what kind he is since we've had quite a few frogs on our porch from tree frogs to multi-color frogs I think. For now you have the opportunity to see our large frog named Henry. So say Hi.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

An Apple A Day

Currently: Wanting and apple. ;D

Every one's heard the saying eat an apple a day and keep the doctor away? I was eating an apple the other day and thought of how an apple is healthy for someone so I decided to look it up. I found out from different websites that they are good for your health. Many of the sites advise that to get much of the nutritional benefits from them it's good to eat a fresh apple every day. Now an average U.S. citizen like you, me, or any of your friends and relatives eat at least 19 pounds of fresh apples a year. So that is basically an apple a year. Now I'm not saying that is accurate for everyone but that may be for quite a few. Especially those who really like apples or just have a good eating style like my cousin Beanie and one of my friends by the name of Mahjong. I can't exactly say my cousin eats healthy, she's just more one of those people who eat everything in sight and isn't picky at all unlike me. One of her favorite things to eat though is apples. Even though she eats practically anything and everything she's aloud to since she has to consume so many calories because she runs and plays soccer so she's a very athletic person. Probably the most athletic person I know. Mahjong on the other hand is a vegetarian so she doesn't / refuses to eat anything with meat in it. She's always eating the most healthy and unusual stuff you can find but she likes it. I will occasionally steal some of her fruit during lunch.

Now back to the apple subject. The benefits of eating apples at least every week is lower blood cholesterol, improved bowel function, reduce risk of stroke, and more. Basically some scientists think that there's a "whole-body" health benefit. Now doesn't that just make you want to get up and eat an apple right now? Which I think I'm going to do that right after I'm done typing this.

Everyone I think should get up, go eat an apple, and of course think of eating more healthier considering the society today in the U.S., not saying any of the other countries since I've never been to them, but the U.S. I think needs to eat healthier. If you have ever traveled or live in the U.S. then you've seen those people walking around or the ones on T.V. and how they eat nothing but junk food. Jeez, I never knew someone could get that out of shape but it might just be the way they want to live. If it is like that then I think that is fine but don't just eat ALL junk food unless you really want to kill yourself and your body.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not So Good News

Currently: Sad and REALLY tired. =(

Today my grandma had called our house not so long ago telling us how my grandpa is doing. He's not in very good condition right now. Several months ago he had to go to the hospital and they had found cancer in his body. He's one of the smartest people I have ever known. It's so weird to think that he is dying at this very moment. I don't believe he'll just give up so easily though.

No one ever knows, there could be a miracle that could happen for all we know. Miracles happen in the weirdest ways and at the most miraculous times. I really hope he lives for several more years because I've already seen cancer eat away at one person and don't want it happening to another loved one. Therefor I really hope he will be all right and I want him to know that everyone here is rooting for him.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Snake Brought In By Snoop

Currently: Burping and Full from dinner aswell as a cinnamon roll.

Yesterday after I had gotten home from the sanctuary because I went there again, Snoopy had brought something in from the garage through our cat door. It was all curled up like a knot until I looked at it closer to see that it was actually a black snake. I'm still not sure what kind of snake it is and neither of my parents are sure. We just put it outside out of the grasp of Snoopy and Macy before they could eat him alive like they have with other smaller creatures like snakes, lizards, and different types of insects. This isn't the first snake Snoopy has brought into our household sadly. He brings in all kinds of things that happen to get into our garage. He's just one little mischevious cat that we all love to death aswell as Macy. Except Macy is just alot more sneakier than Snoopy.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Secret Sanctuary

Currently: About to sneeze....OH Wait.....I did.

There was a slight change of plans today when my friend Willard and I had er.... walked around the city. Nana originally wanted to go to the County Fair but Willard and I really wanted to walk around and so we did. It was quite fun and we definitelly got our exercise in. About half way to our destination which was the bridge we had found a quiet little place where a few people happened to be fishing. It was a really cool place and somewhere I might hang out quite a bit just because how beautiful it seemed after you walked around the corner. There's about two to three enterances to this secret sanctuary I like to call. One is the main entrance and then theres another one that comes out next to this main road further down after the main entrance. Then finally the third one that we had found was a somewhat secret entrance if you turned down on this one road off the main road.

I never expected a place like this existed near by me except for behind the hospital maybe. But still, if I ever want to get away this is the place to go and also for Nana to run.

For More Pictures Go To

Ok, NOW the pictures are up and posted on my other blog.
You make go check.

Friday, November 7, 2008

This Weekend Plus

Currently: Feeling sick from a cinnamon roll sorta.

This weekend should be an interesting weekend considering our county fair is going on. A friend and I were going to walk around town to take some random pictures like you people have seen in my posts but we might have to postpone it till Sunday if he agrees. We were originally going to walk around Saturday but since the county fair is this weekend my mothr wanted to go tomorrow. I haven't been to it in several years. The last time I did go I went when Josh Turner was one of the performances there. The building he was singing in was packed hours before the actual show. Bubba and I wondered why they hadn't just had him play outside, that would have been much better and more people could watch?

Hopefully while I'm parading around this weekend around town and at the county fair I will take lots of pictures to which I shall upload some here aswell as my other blog that I just happened to have created last night. I called it NelBel for unknown reasons that I don't even know myself. I couldn't really think of a name so I thought about my nicknam that my Grandma calls me. Though it should be called Nell Bell but I jst put one 'L' for both.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Welcome To Alcatraz

Currently: WAS watching an episode of Mythbusters where they try to break out of Alcatraz.

I hope to one day go visit the island of Alcatraz in the bay of San Francisco to get my own pictures of the place to post on this blog but for now I'll just have to find some online photos that others have taken. The reason I'm posting about Alcatraz is because of an episode of Mythbusters where Jamie and Adam try to break out of the prison. I've already seen it when Nana turned it to that channel so I started to think after we all talked about it some more that I would write a blog post about it. My parents in fact have already been to Alcatraz and have taken the tour around the island which one day I hope to do. Well I'm going to post some stuff I found on a pretty neat website that anyone can go to...


[Here's something I've found off ...]

Imagine yourself cold and shivering on a damp and thickly fogged-in morning. Heavy steel shackles squeeze your wrists and ankles, and the constricting metal seems to amplify the cold. Your movements are constrained, which makes it difficult to maintain your balance as you embark on the island ferry. You catch a brief glimpse of what will soon be your new home across the foggy bay…

Your new roommates are considered the most hardened criminals in the American penal system. Their resumes boast crimes ranging from kidnapping to espionage, bank robbery to murder. As you disembark with the firm assistance of a correctional officer, he smiles, looking up toward the cellhouse, and utters words that will never leave your memory: "Welcome home, welcome to Alcatraz."

Each year over one million tourists board the Alcatraz ferry and visit what was once considered the toughest Federal prisons in America. Today, Alcatraz is one of the biggest tourist magnets and most famous landmarks of San Francisco. The island's mystique, which was created primarily by books and motion pictures, continues to lure people from all over the world to see firsthand where America housed its most notorious criminals. Cramped cells, rigid discipline, and hard-line routine were the Alcatraz trademarks, and it was the last stop for the nation's most incorrigible prisoners.