Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sickly And Snoop

Currently: Posting around on Gaia and Can't breathe through my nose.

Well people, I've been sick since yesterday and it's annoying the heck out of me. I stayed home today from school and wasn't able to go to my ortho appointment. It was rescheduled to be next Monday morning. That's when we are also taking my cat Snoopy for his surgery. Which the funny story for today would have to be his check-up.

Lets see, my parents took him in for a check-up last Friday to see what was wrong with him. Now usually cats would try to squirm around during check-ups and shots and all that stuff, but nope. Not our cat Snoopy. He purred the entire time. When he was getting his shots, and every time. When they were trying to hear his heartbeat they turned on some water figuring that would stop him from purring. Of course he kept purring and that's when my mom was like, "Did you tell them he gets in the bath tub after we're done taking a show?". Haha, that's my Snoopers. The only trouble they had with him was when the lady was trying to stick something up his butt, which caused him to clench his butt together. He was most likely thinkg, "I don't think so lady. You aren't sticking that thing up my butt."
After all of that, the people told my parents they could either put him down or pay 200 dollars on surgery for his rotting teeth. So the surgery is next Monday and we'll see how it goes. I really do hope he'll be alright and maybe now he won't have bad breathe anymore?
( Note: Art in this post was made by me. ;D )

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Chalk Drawings And 5k For Hospice (100th Post)

Currently: Drawing comissions for people on Gaia and My throat is hurting.

Gawsh, it's so hot outside during the day where I live. All I do when I'm outside is simply wish for a cloud to move in front of the sun even for a moment that way I can cool down a bit. But nope, it has to be clear outside. This weekend I've had quite some fun. Went to the flea market though didn't get anything myself. Went to family's house to say hi aswell as eat a popsicle. Haha. Today was the day where my family would show what they're made of during the 5k Hospice race. All of us except for my cousin Beanie failed to beat our old times. Though they did not count my cousin's time because after the first mile she took her shoes off and came over the finish line holding them, which resulted in the tracker thing being too far from the mat so it didn't mark her time I guess? I'm not really sure what happened but her time was not on the list and if it was she would have gotten a 2nd place er......thing. I ranked about 2nd to last in mine and my cus's age group though. I was slower than my last time by about over 5 minutes. I finally sprinted to the finish line and while the lady was pulling the tracker off my shoe, I almost up chucked next to her. I was so sick that I started to gag walking over to the grass. Luckily I did not throw up though. I just drank alot of water and ate some of my dad's donut that he had gotten from the food table they had. There was a large amount of people there at this race, which I think Bubba claimed this was the largest race we've gone to.

Other than the race though, I've been drawing on the driveway outside. That's basically what this post is about. I still have some of the really good chalk I borrowed from Family Days last year in my city where the people would pick a sidewalk square and draw in it during this one weekend where everyone's celebrating and whatnot. But after Family Days was over my friend gave me the chalk she had left over and I've used it a couple times but these past two days I decided to draw to large pictures on my driveway.
The first was a heart with a wing opening and a ribbon on the other side. Though my parents thought it was a flying fish or something. The second one was a snake wrapped around a sword and more I guess. You'll just have to check out the pictures to see them.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Animator Vs Animation

Animator Vs Animation

This is pretty much a simple blog post about someone's artwork I found on Deviantart. Though this isn't just art, but also hilarious of how an animator creates a stick figure in flash to torture. Turns out that the own creation he created turns it's back on the creator and uses anything it can find in Flash interface to destroy the creator. It's pretty short but I bet you anything that it will make you laugh, even if its just a litt.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Couple Of New Computers

Currently: On my mother's computer posting this.

A couple days ago or last weekend we fianlly hooked up our new Dell computers we recieved in the mail. Nana's computer was hooked up first and then Bubba's because Bubba was messing around with the Frankenstein computer for some time there. Yeah, you heard me correctly, Frankenstein computer. That's what we've started calling it because its basically our three old computers combined into one. Bubba was also able to go to Sam's and get 2 gigs of memory for it to make it run better or something. Though I can't really draw now because there's two problems. One I don't have photoshop on that computer and two I have to download my tablet thing on that computer again. I don't really know, but for now I sabatoged my mom's computer and made another account for myself, though I'll have to go back in later and change it to an admin account I don't know, I don't feel like explaining. I've been liking these computers quite a bit because they run so much faster plus smoother than our old computers. Bubba has noticed that playing his World of Kungfu game that he found online. It has really good graphics somewhat like World of Warcraft but it also reminds us of Gaiaonline. Lol. It's so weird. Y'all should look it up and try playing it and send me a comment or two on how it is since Bubba wanted me to download it play with him I think.

Well then, that's all I've got to type today. I might think of something else to post later maybe about school and my laptop I'm trying to earn.