Monday, August 25, 2008

Great Swimmers of Beijing 2008 Olympics

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Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte, two great swimmers from this years Beijing Olympics 2008. Achieving world records and even gold medals, these two are who we look at as great swimmers and may I even say sexy one? Haha, yep they both have a pair of abs any lady would love on a man of course. But I'm here to just chat about these two, one because Michael Phelps has achieved the impossible and Ryan Lochte happens to be from a town that I happen to be from?

Michael Phelps

The man of history, the one olympian who won 8 gold medals in 8 different olympic swimming races. Of course he had help in the relays from team members

which he should thank and give some cash to. Haha. Where would Phelps be today if he wasn't swimming I believe? I happen to be a fan of this amazing swimming but so is about 1 million other people in this world. I just wonder if he will compete in the London Olympics in 2012. For sure I will be there, sitting in front of a TV somewhere watching him achieving yet another one of his goals. I hope to see him again in London and so do alot of other people.
I hear from quite a few places on the internet that when Michael is listening to his iPod before each race that his type of music is Rap? Hmmm, quite interesting I have to say. Not my music choice but then again some of the music I'll actually listen to but not all the time unless I get hooked of course. Buwahahaha....-cough-....sorry.

Ryan Lochte

On the other hand, this great swimmer isn't exactly as Phelps but he's pretty damn awesome to still beat world records. I'm a fan of Lochte because he happens to be from the town I'm living in and have been living in for the past 9 years. When I heard from my parents and a couple friends that Ryan Lochte actually went to the same school I'm going to now, it's crazy. A friend of mine actually told me they have a thing set up in school for Lochte that is probably like a shrine, yet I haven't seen it yet. I'm one of those people who don't really notice some things unless someone points them out that is. One of these days I'll have to walk around after school and look for this so called shrine of Lochte.
During one of my classes today we were actually talking about Lochte since he happened to have this teacher when he was attending high school. She told us that he would draw in her class because that's some of the assignments we have to do. Some of them you were aloud to draw on so he had doodles on his which we most likely cool. I remember seeing the special things during the Olympics about Lochte and how he draws. Which that made me like him even more because I happen to draw myself. Doodles to like drawings that take hours though.
Anyways, I would love to see Ryan Lochte in London 2012 Olympics. That would just be awesome and then I would be able to cheer for him and maybe, just maybe he
can even beat Michael Phelps. We will just have to wait and see till then.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Storm Of A Sketch Dump

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I've been in quite a mood to draw lately and people on Gaia have helped me with that. Requesting for art in the forum I hang out and having such cute adorable avi's that just make me want to draw them. I've been doing quite a bit of drawing and came up with a newer style earlier today when I was drawing in my sketchbook while watching some 'King of the Hill' and some TV show on the Travel Channel that was showing awesome beach houses and whatnot. They were awesome, mostly because they all had pools, were large and looked AWESOME! But anyways, back to what's been going on.
I started school Monday as you have probably found out from my counter at the bottom of the page if any of you cared to look that is. But Monday is the only day of school I've had this week because of Tropical Storm Fay was weird. Sounds from outside like whistling from the wind. Gawsh, I'm becoming paranoid now. The counties around me are being pummelled by rain getting up to 20 inches of rain today. It's been quite crazy. School's been canceled for where I live Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday. I'll have to post tomorrow or later if we have had or have school Friday. Though hopefully we don't get flooded over night. If that happens then I'll be the first to drift away considering sleep on only a mattress that lays on my bedroom floor. No, that doesn't mean I'm poor. It's just I like it better that way. I like my bed to be either high up off the ground like my old bunk bed or having it really low to the ground where there is no under the bed like it is now. Am I considered weird for this? Haha.
Well the entire meaning of this post was to update you on whats happening here and how I'm doing, plus to post quite a few drawings that I've done. I hope you enjoy them. DON'T BE AFRAID TO COMMENT! Jeebus, you people just come and go as you please without even leaving me an itty bitty comment? I see how it is. Haha, I'm only kidding. ^^ Enjoy!

(( Note: The two cat girls are someone's OC I drew and all the Bunny Girls that look fairly similar are of my OC sorta. =D))


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just Some Freebie Art

Currently: Watching the Olympics Swimming. ;D

Hey everyone, recently I created a freebie art thread on Gaia for those who don't have much gold and want their avi drawn. I've been quite slow drawing the avi's though compared to the first day I made it which was a couple days ago actually. The past two days have been slow and so far I've only drawn about 6 avi art pieces. This post is basically for you guys to view those drawings. I really hope you like them and sorry if this is a really short post. I could probably tell you how I've been to make it atleast a bit longer. Haha.
Hmmmmm, lets see..... I've been watching the Olympics every day since they started along with drawing free avi art for Gaians or just completing commissions so if anyone wants me to draw them something tell me and I'll TRY. Haha. Can't say I'll do all that good since I'm not an amazing artist compared to my family and other people online. I also had an Orthodontist appointment today for them to tighen my braces. Hopefully by October I'll get them off. I only have them on my 6 top teeth because my front tooth has been moving forward in result from me biting down on my bottom lip when I'm mad or frustrated or so I think. Other than that, nothing much has happened really. I have been asking my parents to go over to the YMCA to just maybeh swim in their pool or go into their racket ball rooms to hit around a ball. I've been wanting to do that forever now. I asked my mom about that and also about joining a class for like Karate or Taekwondo though she asked me, "Why?". I told her because I've been wanting to join something or do something since I've just been uber lazy after quitting softball about 3 years ago. I played the sport for 6 years and then quit all of a sudden. Don't know why though.
Anyways, that's my day and here's some art for you people to enjoy. I need to get back to watching Olympic Swimming.


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Beijing 2008 Olympics

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Well everyone knows about the Olympics and how yesterday they performed the opening ceremony. Showing off amazing spectacles that took years to train for while introducing each country's team including our own with 640+ Olympic participants. When Nana saw through the window from our front porch at the team before the United States with 400+ people she was like, "Wow!" and then came our entire group of United States of America team with over 600 people which made her almost choke.
With how many people we saw for our own team we were in awe and then started to guess how many would be on China's team considering they are a very populated country. So we thought that their team would surely beat ours or be up around the same number. Somewhere between 630-640 people is what China's team consisted of.

Today's the first day of the great Olympic games which my parents and I have been watching or somewhat watching. So far what I've seen today on TV have consisted of Soccer, Womens Regular Volleyball & Beach Volleyball, Mens Beach Volleyball, Bad mitten, Women & Mens Swimming, Cycling Race, and Something that had to do with horses is all I can remember at the moment.
Maybe later I'll try to write down all that I've watched or seen on the television.

Anyways, just wanted to mention something about the Olympics. Sorry it wasn't much though.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Gaia Doodle Comission Dump

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Hi there, my last post was about games and conferences and stuff. This post is going to bed about well, what I love to do more or atleast one thing I love to do most. That ladies and gentlemen is to DRAW! I love drawing and have since I was in 3rd grade. I'm currently going into 11th grade and I'm still drawing art by just doodling or even drawing for strangers, friends and family. The art I'm posting today are drawing's or comissions I've done in the past week or two for Gaiaonline people of their own avi's. Because of the event I think I explained in one of my earlier posts, I've been drawing freebies for tons of people and here alot of them are. Hope you like them. ^^