Thursday, July 31, 2008

Turtle Out Front Yesterday

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Yesterday hours before going out to dinner for my Grandma's birthday my mom was taking her usual nap like she always does and Bubba was wandering around the house and going outside like he does. I was on the computer when Bubba ran inside telling me to hurry up plus grab my camera because there was something outside for me to see. Grabbing my camera after finally finding it, I went outside to see a turtle at the end of my driveway sitting in the gutter. It was a pretty good size turtle I have to say. We looked around wondering how it actually got there but couldn't figure out anything. After taking several pictures of it with my camera Bubba picked it up and put it in our flower bed to make sure it wouldn't wander into the street and in result getting hit by a car. But here are some pictures for you all to look at and guesstimate on how large he was.


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

It's Been So Long!

Currently: Watching Microsoft's E3 conference on my best friend's blog.

I haven't posted in the past several weeks because I've been too caught up in an event that's been going on. On Gaiaonline there has been an event last week or a summer event anyways, but I got caught up chatting with people in the event forums and drawing tons of avi art which I will post later. I've got quite a few post ideas in my head an even on several sticky notes placed around my desk, so hopefully I will post more in the upcoming weeks. First, lets talk about what has been going on with me lately causing me not to post anything.

First off as I said there was a summer event on Gaiaonline which I was caught up in. It consisted of each day you could play fun/weird/evil games that were fairly easy but also hard. Each day as your average for the games got higher you were able to earn a total of two items a day. If you got your average over 7.5 then you would win the second item of the day which were usually better but it just depended on the day. I managed to get 11/14 items for the entire week.

Along with playing the games I also managed to make several new friends in art freebie topics that I invaded and drew the artists themselves since I just wanted to be a nice person. They had been drawing several people so I thought I would draw some of them until I came across one topic inparticular that when I drew the artist she drew me back and we formed a friendship after talking for some time. I ended up becoming the guest artist in her thread and we have finally gotten it to 100 pages and over in only a week now. Currently as I'm still talking in it, it is at almost 130 pages. To get to that many pages boggled all of our minds who hung out in the thread. We all knew that when the even was over we wouldn't be able to hang out in that thread anymore so we figured that the other artist, another friend of ours, and I would start an art shop after the event was finally over and see how that goes. Which would mean we would have two artists and a banner maker in the shop but it would also be our hangout thread.

In other news I went shopping with Nana today, though I did not feel good one bit but probably because I barely have eaten anything today and have been walking around. We went to several pawn shops and thrift stores around our city. After the shops we went to Target and then Walmart because we were looking for something inparticular, a comforter to be exact. Though we did not find one we had fun. Got plenty of clothes and even a Family Guy DVD that rocked. It was the untold story by Stewie. We all had a good laugh watching that earlier. I think the thing we got that was the best price ever was a pair of jeans for myself that only cost $3.50 at Walmart. We were in a trance starring at the reciet after she got done in line. It was just crazy.

I guess that's all for now. Just to let you all know, the next couple posts I make should be quite fun because it includes more art by me and even pictures of .............. something. ;D You'll have to wait and see.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Almost to 100 Blog Posts!!!

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Hey everyone! I'm almost up to posting 100 blog posts since I've signed up and made this blog. This post right now should be number 90, so that means only 10 more blog posts go until that three digit number. I've got a couple things to post about tonight. Or atleast only one important post while this one is just for photos. You know what that means right? Oh well, you probably don't. THIS post is gonna be.......-dramatic music-.........PHOTO DUMP! That is right, its where I come and post all kinds of photos that I have taken before or atleast in the past couple months. I hope you like them all!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Sky Looked Beautiful

Currently: Uploading pictures, Roaming around on Gaia, Having the urge to draw something, and Just watered the plants.

Hey there, tis me again! I'm up to no good uploading photo's and taking even more pictures. I probably have so many pictures on my hard drive it isn't even funny. Ok, maybe it is just a little. Anyways, I'm here to let you see some of my cool sky pictures I took the other day. I saw the sun was going down and saw part of the sky was orange. I grabbed my camera and saw that the sky looked beautiful. Of course I couldn't help but to take a picture of it. It was just so awesome and colorful to look at. So here are some pictures I took a couple days ago and I hope you like them.

P.S. I'm also uploading a couple pictures I took the first day I got my soccerball when Nana and I went shopping together on Friday I think. I was out in the front yard taking some pictures of my soccerball and happened to also take a picture of my feet as well. >.> Sorries.



Just One Doodle For Now

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chirp Chirp Chirp

Currently: Giving Nana a dirty look, Wanting to go feed duckies, and watching Chowder.

Sitting around looking for bird pictures on Deviantart to draw. Finally I found one and ended up doodling it in photoshop which is my picture for this post. The reason I'm posting this about birds is because we sort of have an infestation of them in our chimney. It sounds like there's an entire family in there chirping each and every day for the past couple weeks. We are hoping that the babies will grow up soon and leave the next so we can take the nest itself out of there. So we'll just have to wait for the time being to see what happens or if the birds leave.

In other news, school isn't too far away for us here in the state of Florida. Only a month left maybe until school starts. In a couple weeks though, I'll have to go for orientation to get my schedule, locker, and anything else that I might need. This summer has gone by quite fast but also quite slow, it's reallya shame. So for the next several weeks I'll have to come up with things to do that will make the last of my summer fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

E3 Gaming Special On G4

Currently: Listening to music off my own blog, Just got done watching E3 special on G4, and Waiting around for Nana to get home.

I just got done watching yet another E3 special on the G4 channel hosted by G4 hosts of course. This is probably the second special that I have watched on G4 about E3. The two that I've watched so far, they have gone over quite a few shooting games that remind me somewhat of Halo 3 that I was watching my cousin play at her house a couple weeks ago. The story line and characters in each game were different of course. They ranged from a 500 foot Leviathan attacking Chicago in Resistance 2 to zombies attacking in Resident Evil 5. Some of the graphics of these games are just crazy. The lighting, the people, the explosions make you just want to say, "Wow".
Now the games I want to talk about right now or for today are Little Big World and Mortal Combat VS. DC Universe for the PS3 (Or Xbox 360, still not sure for MC vs DC.).

Mortal Combat vs. DC Universe

(Would have a video here but couldn't find a good enough one for now.)

This game combines both the characters you would see in the original Mortal Combat with superheroes and villains you would usually see from the comics like Batman, Superman to Poison Ivy or Cat Woman. The fighting styles vary from who you play in the game. The settings in the game, the graphics and even the bruises of the characters that you and your friends may be playing are all complex. I mean as you beat each other up your clothing might become ripped or bruises will form on the person.
If you have ever wondered who would win in a fight between Batman, Superman or Cat Woman from DC Universe against Subzero, Scorpion or even Sanya from the original Mortal Combat game then this is the game that you want to be playing.

P.S.- Sorry if I spell any names wrong. =O

Little Big Planet

(Would have a video here but couldn't find a good enough one for now.)

This game is for the PS3 and involves your little characters called Sackgirl or Sackboy. With your small character you've made that I think looks pretty cool and also cute, you can jump, move and grab different objects. The environments range from many different kinds of styles along with different objects you can use like in on level you might come across a skateboard you can ride on. As I was watching the E3 special they were running around, jumping, and even riding behind toy horses crashing into stuff. If you want something for the PS3 that looks pretty fun to play then try playing Little Big Planet.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

English Related Idea?!

Currently: Having a horrible fashion sense, Chatting it up with a friend, and TRYING to read? >.>

I informed you all on my horrible test scores for reading, right? I've come up with this somewhat pathetic but helpful idea to improve my reading I talked with Bubba yesterday about it and he thought it would probably be a good idea.

What I was thinking was that every time I finished a book I would do like I did in middle school. The teacher would have us read a certain number of pages each nine weeks in reading class, but after we were done with each book we would have to write a book report. So then I asked Bubba about writing a book report after I was done with each book. He thought it was a good idea and would help improve my grammar skills and whatnot. The only problem I've come across is what I would write in the book report. Unlike in school, I don't really have any book report papers that I would usually get from my teacher or somewhere in the classroom. So for the time being I'll have to improvise and come up with either my own thing or look online for something. Considering the internet has practically everything someone's trying to look for from music to books to answers you might need for question's you've been wandering about. So I'll work on that and either try posting my book reports each time I finish a book on here or somewhere. Don't know yet, but I will inform you how it's going soon.

I'm currently almost done reading my 'Cat Who..." series book called 'The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare'. It's a pretty good mystery novel I have to say. I've only read 3 books in the series but I can't wait to finish them all.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Been A While Since My Last Post

Currently: Have a headache, fighting with my best friend and watching some TV.

Hello everyone out there, it's been a while since I have posted anything. I'm really sorry about that but I haven't had the urge to post really. Especially after looking up my major test scores that I had to take at school this past school year. I will get to that soon though. First I'm gonna go through what's been going on with me lately since my last post.

-The Back Room-

Construction is still going on back there, but Bubba has finally finished the entire wood flooring. It's now time for him to put in the paneling or trim. I keep fogetting what it's called, sorry. Today we were able to head over to Sam's where they had some pretty cool shelving. Metal shelving to be more exact. It cost us only a little under a hundred dollars and looks pretty cool. After he is able to finish the trim, it will then be time to drag in the furniture and other stuff. We have been looking around on Craig's List which is a website you are able to see if anyone is selling what you want in the area around you. If you find something, you are able to call the person and go to their house to pick it up. Bubba looks around all the time on there for guitar amps that he has been wanting to get. Heh.
Hopefully one day, the back room will finally be done and I'll have a new desk sitting back there with my computer on. That would be the best!

-Too Much Sun At The Beach-

Nana had the week off from work and so we went to the beach practically every other day. She's such a beach whore, don't you think? Haha. I only went about twice, yet she went like 4 times in one week. A couple days ago we were able to go down to Ponce Inlet. Nana ran on the beach while I walked around and took pictures of some cool houses I saw over there. One reminded me of an old haunted house you would see in the movies. I took plenty of pictures of it actually. But you won't get to see them right now so you'll have to wait until a later post.
We've gone to the beach to tan, read our books, cool off in the water and even watch different people around us. It was all fun I have to admit.

-Test Scores-

Oh My Gawsh, my test scores were just horrible! We finally looked up what is called my FCAT scores and my math score was 4/5 while my reading score was 2.5/5. I got right under the line required to pass for my reading score. It's because I have horrible grammar and I hardly read according to Bubba. He started yelling at me for my scores and telling me how a child was better than me with grammar and putting together sentences. All I have to say is, sorry you people have to read these HORRIBLE grammar problems that I post each day.
My cousin passed her reading but she only got a 2 on her math. If you put us togethere we would probably equal up my best friend Sparkie. She got 4 or 4.5 on her scores which make me feel even more horrible right now. Speaking of her...we just got over yet again another fight. This time we were fighting over something stupid again. It was she didn't want to make and RP on Gaia just because I shrugged or something, thinking I suggested it wasn't a good idea, though I just wasn't sure or confussed about it. But the fights resolved and we are still friends of course.
One more thing before I end this part of my blog post about my test scores. Since my test score for reading was so low, my parents suggested I actually got a tutor or took some kinds of lessons maybeh online like Bubba said. I'm not really sure. I somehow have to study for next years makeup test probably so that I pass. Just thought I should let you people know that. >.>

Well then, that's all you get for now, till next time!
-Runs off stealing superman's cape- xD

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Get Well Soon....

Currently: Watching CMT and VH1 on the TV.

Well today's the 5th of July and I declined the opportunity to go down to the beach with my mother once again. Today we were supposed to hang out at the beach for a while and then maybe go somewhere else. But I told her I was all beached out even though I wasn't really. It's just....I don't know. I didn't really wanted to go probably because I was still tired from yesterday. So she went off to the beach without me while I'm stuck here with Bubba who I want to say isn't feeling well. That is why I'm typing up this blog entry just saying I would like him to get better soon since he didn't have all that good of a Fourth Of July. He spent all of last night in the bathroom throwing up apparently. I guess his stomach isn't doing to well. He hasn't eaten or drank anything for a while now, which I feel bad for him since I know how that feels since that's what happened to me a couple years ago. Spent two days in the bathroom and didn't want to move, eat, or drink anything at all. It was horrible, we all (except Nana) caught it from my uncle, and two cousins. Nana thinks that he's sick because of something bad that he had eaten. Food poisoning isn't good but I don't think that is it. I just hope I don't catch it, if I do then I'll probably end up just like Bubba.

But anyways I just want to say I wish him to get better and well. =(

Friday, July 4, 2008

My Fourth Of July

Currently: Tired and Listening to fireworks going off.

Today, what we call fourth of July is a special day, or atleast to those who are americans or live in the states. Today is the day that we were granted freedom which everyone knows as independence day. We celebrate this day each year with fireworks, parties, and BBQ's. I'm wandering what YOU did for fourth of July today? If you celebrated it atleast. I spent the entire day with my mother, Nana. The day went a little like this....

The day started with the two of us waking up at 8am getting out breakfast in and nudging Bubba a bit for him to wake up already. After eating some, we searched around wandering if there were any fireworks being lit anywhere near by or atleast in our area somewhere. We found nothing on the news channel or even News Journal website. So we gave up for the time being and shoved off, heading to the beach with our bags in hand along with chairs, reading to tan for the next couple hours. On our way we made our usual stop at Seven Eleven to pick up drinks and snackies to eat and drink at the beach considering we were too lazy to walk down some ways to just grab a hot dog or two at consession stands. But nope, Nana likes her large cup of diet coke or ice tea, whichever she got this time. Getting to the beach we put on sun tan lotion and stayed for a couple hours. The sun was beating down, making us hot and sweating there sitting in our beach chairs so we would take a dip in the icey cold water every once in a while. Finally by 11am we packed up our stuff and headed out to go back home. We were going to pack our stuff up and walk down the beach before we left, but we figured we would do it another time.
After getting home we were all pretty mellow considering not much to do and all of us were pretty much tired. Nana went off to take a nap in her room while I fell asleep watching TV on the couch in the big room. Bubba was the only one awake watching the TV in the living room, some History Channel show about a war in history. It was probably on because today was Fourth Of July. Several hours later, it was about 4pm and we had all started to wake up yet I was still sleepy. Bubba didn't start making dinner until a little while later, he had put ribs in the oven a little while earlier to cook them some. We had a pretty good dinner today, ribs, potatoes, and other items that I'm not really sure of. Considering all I had was ribs and potatoes that I mowed through like the savage animal I was temporarily.
After eating dinner, we were looking for some more fireworks shows until we had a call from my Aunt who told Nana that they were heading over to the Jackie Robinson ball park to light off fireworks. After hearing from my mother I thought it would be pretty cool to head down there and watch some fireworks. And so, we packed up our stuff and headed over there. Now let me tell you this, when packing up my stuff I grabbed a pair of shoes not noticing something was wrong with them until we had already left our neighborhood. I had grabbed two pairs of shoes that were the same, but one was from my old pair, and another was from my newer pair. You may be asking me, "Why can't you just wear them?". Well, it's not that easy when both the shoes were for my right feet. Hehe, so for the night I had to walk around barefoot.
Arriving there we noticed a large blow up screen set up on the large grass area with tons of people sitting in whatever chairs they could bring watching "The Wizard Of Oz". Both Nana and I thought it was pretty cool how they had the whole screen set up with a projecter, along with a table in the middle for a popcorn machine. You know someone had to be making some money off of that. Gazing at that for a bit, we wandered around looking for our relatives who would consist of my uncle and aunt, along with their two children. Looking all around, we didn't notice them at all and figured they weren't there yet or somewhere we did not look so we went back to our truck and grabbed the beach chairs out of the back we had used earlier that day. Which they were still sandy, might I add. Walking around the fairly large screen where the movie was projected, we set up our stuff and sat by the river watching fireworks going off around us in every direction. Waiting for the main attraction which would be the fireworks going off on the Daytona Beach, FL pier. A while later, after listening and watching fireworks going on around us, we finally started to see on the other side of the river in the direction of the pier, fireworks going off one after another. We thought to ourself, "Finally, they have started." So I broke out my camera and tried to get some snap shots and video's of the fireworks as they went of into the sky. Now might I add, these were across the river so they were a couple miles away. But I got atleast some pictures and video of them. They aren't too good but atleast they are something.

But before I put them on here, I want to first put the pictures I took at the beach with Nana. Then after them should be the lovely fireworks spectacular.


Weirdo Pictures... x3

Sand + Flipflops = Burried

Looking off the bridge!