Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not Feeling Too Well

Currently: Watching Spongebob, Tired, and Not feeling well still....

Gosh am I tired. Blarg. I had a rough night last night because I didn't feel to good and I couldn't sleep either. I figured I got sick because of Milk that I drank since I don't know why or whatever but I get sick every now and then because of drinking Milk. Does it mean I'm lactose and tolerant? I have no idea whatsoever. But yeah, I've been up like all day now and its sooo annoying. Just watching some tv right now and waiting to take some more pictures of the back room. Bubba's been working hard on it and it's looking pretty cool. So look forward to my next post which will HOPEFULLY be about the bet and pictures of the back room. ;D

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Fradoodle Doodle Update

Currently: Still trying to wake up and Sick I think. >.>

Don't mind the title of this, that was just the random word I was thinking of at the time. But as you know the last word says "Update". Hehe. Well that means an update on how mine and Bubba's little bet is going.

Doesn't look so good for him at this time since he's only layed one and a half rows of wood flooring down so far. He's been up since I don't know when and I only woke up probably an hour ago or half an hour. Whenever my mom started yelling at me. Heh. My mom claims I've missed everyone including most the day since it's already 3:30pm where we live. While I was sleepy my arse off, my mom went to the beach, Bubba got the table saw from my aunt to do the back room and talked to Grandma. So yeah I've pretty much missed quite a few things. As I type this thought, Bubba's workin hard on layin that floor down in the back room. He's got till tomorrow night to finish the back room or was it to just finish the flooring? >.> I don't really rememer but I'll just keep an eye on how he's doing with the flooring. After the flooring he has to do the edging around the floor with the wood, can't really remember what that's called sorry. Then he claimed he wanted to do crown molding by the ceiling because there's a huge crack where the ceiling and wall meet over on the opposite wall of the closet. That's because the guys who built on this addition of our house were probably lazy and didn't do too much of a good job on it. We think that crack's there because everyone knows how the ground likes to move and so well, because of the ground moving the ceiling and wall couldn't keep its natural composure and started to split apart.
Bubba just walked through with yet again another piece of flooring. How will he do on the bet? None of us know.........yet. ;D Wait until my next update to know how things are looking.
Also, enjoy some pictures of the room before we started redoing it.

((Note: Sorry about the clutter in the pictures.))


Recent Doodles.

Currently: Sorta mad at Spark Spark (Aka Sparkie), Wanting to read more of my book, and Need some sleep.

Ok this is pretty much a short post because I'm not really gonna type much. We just got done watching Spiderman 3 tonight and thought it wasn't too bad but the comics are still better because in the comics they show Peter Parker as somewhat of a comedian. In the movies we all agreed that he was too sappy and emo.....ish. So yeah, but anyways back to why I'm posting this. I did some headshot doodles of a couple of my avi's and I think one person's avi but never gave it to them. Hope you all like them?

P.S. Venom looked pretty cool. ;D


Friday, June 27, 2008

Been Drawing Gaia Avi's!

Currently: Messing around with my blog layout.

Ok finally it's come. The post where I post some more art of course. I've already posted like 2 blog posts today but who cares about that? I was going to post my doodles from Gaia last night but watching The Longest Yard distracted me so much that I didn't really feel like posting at all and so I didn't. That's why I'm posting now.

I've been doing quite a bit of doodling the past week in Photoshop with my tablet. Yes, it's awesome I know. Hehe. What have I been doodling you ask? Well, people's avi's on Gaiaonline of course. I've been invading the Art Freebies thread and seeing who wants their avi's drawn and also seeing if I have the ability to draw them, if not then I move onto another contestant. Heh. But I figured I should post my awesome art here on my blog if you don't mind that is. Here it is...


The Bet

Currently: Laughing at Bubba and Listening to music.

I made a bet with Bubba earlier this week on Sunday I think. Sunday or Saturday anyways and today it is Friday. Well, it was like this, our back room still isn't complete and nothing much has changed really so I decided to make this bet with Bubba saying he couldn't finish the back room like he said he would this week. Today is Friday and he still hasn't been able to work on the back room. So technically I'm winning right now since he has one day to work on it. Tomorrow what he has to do is put down the flooring after getting the table saw from my aunt. Also after the flooring is the paneling down near the floor. He has to go out and buy paneling for for the bottom of the wall that looks just like the floor. But its funny how he has to finish this all in one day. So I'm looking at it now as I'm going to win this bet. Haha. I really doubt he can do it all in one day but then again, I've been wrong before so we will just have to wait and see what happens. I'll upadate you Sunday hopefully on if I won the bet or not.

Teh Bunneh Dream? :3

Currently: Watching the food channel, Typing an email to my Gma, and Trying to remember the dream I had last night.

Ok, well I had a dream last night and I should probably try to type this fast before I lose it from my mind. I just remembered some parts of it so it won't really be all that whole. I had like two parts of it but the first one was....

I think it was me, my cousin or some female friend of mine, and a guy. We were walking along the side of the road going somewhere that I have no idea. The streets/roads looked familiar but only a little bit. We were walking along side the road one second and then the next we were walking in the middle of the turning lane avoiding cars. Heh. Still don't know where we were going until we all started running. I think two more people joined up with us but ran ahead. I started running, which I ran out of the road and onto the sidewalk where I tried to run faster but I just couldn't. It's like you want to run faster in your dream and you know you can't but its all like slow motion. I still had no idea where I was running and that's basically I know about that part of that dream. Sorry.

The next part I was with like 4 female friends. I think one was my cousin or even Sparkie my best friend. Not sure. But one of my friends was sleeping on the couch with some guy while me and Sparkie, and another girl were out in the garage and the sun was setting. We had the garage door open and were trying to chace a bunny or something. A radio was playing a song that I've heard before which I started singing to it. (The song might have sunk into my subconsious from the radio that I usually have playing when I'm sleeping) But anyways, a guy and girl came to our side door searching for their friend who was sleeping on the couch. (The guy) The guy who was standing at the door askin for his friend thought I was trying to ask him out because he was cute and I was nervous. I finally spoke up and said his friend was sleeping on the couch. So then instead of the two of them leaving they set up band stuff and started practicing which they started to sing the song that I knew. (Curse the radio. x3) But yeah, I went back into the garage and finally caught the bunny noticing it wasn't mine because my bunny was sitting on a shelf nearby. But I thought about keeping it since it looked so cute.
I don't know what kind of dream this was but it was weird I would ahve to say. Didn't make sense whatsoever. Haha. Sorry. =/

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I Can See! I Can See!

Currently: Watching VH1, Chatting on Gaia, and Trying not to drool. x3

Just watching a bit of The Fabulous Life but wanted to update people on how my eye was. Since my last post said I was having eye troubles and couldn't really see. But it's been like a couple days now and I'm able to see again. My eyes still a bit blurry which I'm hoping I didn't mess up my vision or something when I stabbed it. Then that would be horrible. But the swelling of the eye lid has gone down quite a bit and its not red anymore. Which I'm especially happy because I don't have to close or squint my eye anymore but it still feels like tired all the time now. But then again that could be from me not getting enough sleep or something.
Right now I'm just hanging out at home blogging and chatting on Gaia while drawing some avi's for people. Which that might be my next post if I ever get to it. Some avi art for you wonderful people. I can't say I'm all that good at drawing or doodling on photoshop with my tablet. But yeah, I try atleast. I've still got to work on my coloring though.
But anyways, just wanted to update on the eye progress. Will post again sooner or later and it will most likely be an art post. ^^

((Note: Eye picture was found on Deviantart and was made/taken by Sugargrl14))

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Can't See Now...

Currently: Unable to see out of my left eye, wide awake at 7AM, and Wandering what to do.

I think I posted something like this a little while ago claiming I wasn't able to hear out of my left ear but now it's I can't see out of my left eye. It's a pathetic story now that I think about it but I woke up yesterday in the afternoon to our doorbell ringing because it was the exterminator guy outside spraying for bugs outside. I didn't know about it until later when I asked my dad who was at the door but I was trying to look out my window to see who it was. And let me remind you, I'm very sleepy at this point because I had just woken up. I tried to look out the window to see who it was and actually stabbed myself in the left eye with my blinds. I feel really pathetic saying it now but I can't see out of my left eye because its kind of like I gave myself a black eye, just no black around my eye. My mom claims all I did was bruise my eyelid which I'm probably agreeing with her since my eye lid's all puffy. But along with my eye, my left nose nostril is runny from time to time since I stabbed my eye out. (Yes, I know, most would say "Ewwwwww...", at this point.)

I'm still wondering right now why I'm up so early when I usually wake up after noon each day. My parents were even amazed with me waking up this early. It's all because after I stabbed my eye out yesterday I had been laying on the couch watching tv or trying to with my usable eye. Or I was listening to music from the tv yesterday. Basically I slept all yesterday or was laying down or sitting on my butt forever. So I got in all my sleep yesterday for the next couple days I would think. Heh. But anyways, if any words are mistyped in this or something, then it's either I wasn't able to spell them, I'm typing too fast to actaully notice I spelled something wrong, or seeing with only one eye is messing with me. But that's my story for the day and what's going on. Hopefully my eye will heal up in a couple days.

((Note: Eye picture was found on Deviantart and is by Neodecay that way I'm crediting the person who actually created that picture, btw.))

Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Third Animal

Currently: My mother did my hair, Watching Mythbusters and Might do a Mythbuster/Top Gear post next. xD

I told you all about my two cats but I forgot about the oldest animal currently in our house...... or well, outside our house on our porch I guess. His name is Jewels but every time I go out there and call his name it's always BunBuns. I don't know why but one of us would call him Jewels and others would call him Bunny or of course me, BunBuns. We've had him since before we lived in this house so basically for like almost 10 years of my life. He's pretty old and getting there but he's one awesome Bunny because he isn't like really wild but that might be because he's so old and he doesn't bite. I mean he will kick from time to time which he did that to me years ago and put his back claw deep into the palm of my hand but I was ok after like a week or two. It healed up. I'm pretty conscious of people actually taking him out and playing with him and stuff because he's so old and I'm just afraid they might scare him or hurt him. My job for this summer is probably gonna be to try and take him out of his cage more often to get him to become more lively and run around more because he's been in a cage most of his life. None of us actually take him out much except for me every once in a while which I think is quite sad. So probably later today I'll go and take him out and maybeh take some more pictures of him. Hehe.

Anyways though, you all are probably wandering how I got him considering I already told the story of both our cats. Now it's time for BunBun's story of how we got him. Well, he's the second rabbit that we've had in my entire life because the first one was Borris who we got from my cousin because I guess they just wanted us to have him or I'm not really sure. I was too little to remember anyways. But after losing Borris tragically because we found fur across the street in our neighbor's bushes that was black, we automatically thought it was Borris since he had been missing for a while. I was litttle and of course I cried. But a while later my mom told me that my Grandma got us a rabbit. I was like, "I wanna call it Jewels!" but I never realized then that it might be a boy but my mom said Jewels could be a boy name also. So we stuck with Jewels then since that was the name that just popped into my head. But she got us the rabbit probably because we had just lost Borris and hear that I was really sad about it. Borris was so cute and small then that I couldn't just help but hold it and hug it so much. I was really happy we got him but now it's like 10 years into the future and he's grown but is still cute as ever.

I have to admit though that me and Nana have talked about giving him away because I did have problems taking care of BunBuns but I wouldn't give him up because I know they I would be really sad. I did think of it every once in a while about giving him to a good family that would probably take care of him better but then of course like any other owner they would have the images of the family being nice but once getting home with him they might really be horrible and I would never want BunBuns to go through any of that. So I kept him and will keep him till the end of his little life time. I just have to learn to take him out of the cage more though or else I'll feel really guilty and pathetic if he just dies in there. It would probably make me cry.

That's how we got BunBuns and sorry if it's not as a detailed story as the cat's post a couple days ago but that's all you're getting out of me right now since I'm watching Mythbusters. Haha. So hope you liked it and even liked the pictures. I took the pictures yesterday while I had him out on the porch cleaning the porch and his cage out.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two Of My Pets

Currently: Mad at Sparkie over something completely STUPID! Talking to Ki-kun, and Wondering if Snoopy is still in his cat cave. xD

I was going to post this tomorrow after I took some pictures of my rabbit but I just feel like posting another entry since the pictures of my cats that I took were from today so I might as well make a post for them today and make a rabbit post tomorrow. So look forward to that I guess? Well, you don't really have to but look forward to some pictures of a cute bunny. Hehe. But anyways, this post is all about my two cats that I currently have that we got in 2004 right before the hurricanes hit in late august and early September. We had several hurricanes hit us here in central Florida but none were as strong as Hurricane Katrina that his New Orleans devastating thousands on how much damage it did. It's surprising how something can just happen one day and the next you are completely homeless because your house is under several feet of water. It was horrible and we are still rebuilding after several years. We got the cats before those hurricanes hit that year and I don't think it was such a good idea because they seemed a bit freaked but got over it pretty soon.

The first one we got was Macy who my mom came home with in a box because a couple days previous we took our old cat Sammy his name was, to the vet because he had been hit by a car. My brother was the first one to spot him because our neighbors told us. We brought him into the house and he wasn't doing so good so we took him to the vet. After a couple days my mom went to the vet to see how he was doing and they told her apparently she had to put him down, realizing that after the vet's I'm only guessing, she went to the Humane Society first to check out some cats there. But there you have to kind of like order a cat, or put your name and info in the system so the animal is on hold or something. It's a very complicated series of events. So that meant you might get the animal or you might not. If you did then it would be like weeks later until you actually got them. Other than the Arney Foundation where my mom went next where you could just pay for the pet and take it home right then and there. Which that is the exact place where my mom got Macy or Macers as I like to call her. She was kind of like an identical to Sammy but a female and a lot skinnier. After having her for quite a few years she finally warmed up to us and wasn't hiding everywhere like she was for the first couple weeks after getting her. She's a totally awesome cat though, and quite lovable.

Note: In the second picture, isn't she camouflaged well? xD

Snoopy on the other hand, we got him a couple weeks after we got Macy because we were a bit iffy on getting another cat. My mom knew my dad would probably be all like, "Why'd you get another cat!?" Heh. My mom let me go with her this time to go with her on looking for a new cat since I kept asking for an all black one. Of course we first went to the Humane's Society to check out the kittens there and see what they had so we walked in and there was this one room with cages lining it. They had kittens and even a few cats that were a couple years old. Me and my mom were looking at all of them but mostly these two black kittens that might have been related to each other. The person who was in there that was unlocking some of the cages for people to take the cats out and let us hold them took the black one out and me and my mom got to hold it. One was pretty mellow while the other was trying to get out of my arms and etc. After visiting there my mom thought we should go over to the Arney Foundation where she had gotten Macy and see if there were any black cats. Now, let me just inform all that I want a black cat because I've watched way too much Kiki's Delivery Service that I've always loved how the witches have those solid black cats with them. So since I was younger and since the first time I ever watched Kiki's Delivery Service I have wanted a black cat. So anyways, back to our lovely story. We went to the Arney Foundation where it didn't look like much but they had a couple cages stacked on top of each other with cats in them. In the back was a window looking into this cat mother and her babies which I thought was EXTREMELY CUTE! <3>my mom for one of them and of course it was the male one since we already have our lovely Macy who is female. The lady there took the kitten out of the cage and put it in a box with the Arney Foundation name on it with I think a bit of a logo. There were circular holes in the box so the kitten wouldn't suffocate. My mom was signing papers and can you believe that Snoopy's name there at that place was actually Ginger!? Yep, that was his name on the papers before we changed it to Snoopy.After leaving through the front door we went to the car and sat there for a couple minutes as we listened to the poor little kitten meow to be let out of the box. So I took Snoopy out and put the box in the back seat and let him sit on my lap all the way home. He was so cute but it took us days to actually come up with his name while he flew around the house with Macy in so much energy. We were gonna name him Rawley Fingers after the baseball pitcher for the A's in California but my dad came up with Snoopy a couple days later and it just stuck with him. He's a pretty lively cat and noticing one day if you get a flag and wave it above his head he will jump like a foot to get it. It is quite amazing!
Note: In both pictures, he's such a hobo yet cute.

Now that's basically the story on how we got both Macy and mean Snoopy. One being a shy cat who's bulimic and another being a weird one who consumes as much food and as many bugs as he can.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Growing Plants Day....

Currently: A thunder storm outside, Our backyard's fludding, My mom's running, and I'm blogging? xD Oh, and we are all listening to music!

Before it started pooring and thundering outside I originally didn't go out there to take pictures of the sky but of how my plants are doing since I first planted them by myself and some with the help of my dad. We currently have Parsley, ALOT of Peppers, Looseleaf Lettuce, and Cherry Tomatoes growing right now. We still have all of them growing in pots out on our front porch right now and Bubba wants to plant them somewhere in the flowerbed. That's why we were cleaning out alot of the leaves that were filling up the flowerbed like sometime last week I think it was. Me and him would go out there for like ten minutes and throw leaves into the yard for him to mow over. If you mow over leaves in your yard like dead leaves, it's kind of like mulch for your yard so I think Bubba told me it's pretty good for the yard. So instead of just raking up all those leaves and piling them into bags why not just spread them out among your yard and mow over them as if it were mulch for your yard? Heh. But anyways, back to the plants, we have tons of plants growing on the porch and I took pictures of how they are currently doing. I have to look at my calender though to see what day each one of them are on but here are how they are doing.


Cherry Tomatoes and Unkown Kind Of Peppers
Planted: 5-8-08
Currently On: Day 44
They are getting pretty good and need to be replanted. They are starting to fall over since they are so big and in that small pot.

Looseleaf Lettuce
Planted: Unknown
Currently On: Unknown
I honestly can't remember when I planted these and I'm really sorry. But since these are lettuce they really need to be replanted considering how small of a pot they are in. So these will probably be planted with the tomatoes and peppers when we re-plant them.

3 Different Kinds Of Peppers
Planted: 5-17-08
Currently On: Day 35
They are coming in right now at a pretty slow pace and we are wandering if they will live. At first since my poor flowers didn't even grow in after weeks we called it the Death Pot since it was as if nothing would even survive in it. But we have a few small small SMALL plants growing in if you look closely to the picture. So just keep rootin for them!

Planted: 6-9-08
Currently On: Day 12
We didn't start them that long ago so they are coming in pretty quickly. Can't wait until the grow fully though. My dad had one of those large coffee tubs or w/e and we thought of using that to plant the plants in and so we did. We stabbed the bottom of it with a knife so it would drain then put rocks in the bottom and I think my dad put coffee grounds or something in it to suck up moisture but I can't really remember.

Today's Weather Is A Bit Cloudy..

Currently: Have a small headache, Listening to Bubba's weirdo music, and Tired.

Today's forecast is cloudy with a chance of rain. It's been really rainy this week and this is the second day that I have probably went outside to take pictures of the clouds and how gloomy it is. Atleast it didn't spoil our fun yesterday when I went over to my cousin's house for a pool party. We all had a grand time even though some showed up late. There were ones with tans and others with red on their faces from being under the beating sun for too long. When the party started to die down a bit and everyone was getting tired and just chatting, it started to get really gloomy outside where it looked like it was going to rain. That's when we all packed up and went inside while others (Like my mom, me, and Sparkie) left to go home and rest some. By the time we all got back to our house it started pooring a little while later but I didn't care since I love the rain and how gloomy it gets outside because when it's too bright it makes me sleepy I've found out.
I tend to sleep better when there is a bit of light in a room of some kind because light makes me want to fall asleep faster while pitch darkness just makes me want to stay up. No wander I have quite a few things that light up my room at night.

But anyways, about the weather situation outside right now. I can already hear the thunder but so far not seeing any lightening. Even though with most of our shades closed I couldn't see it anyways even if I wanted too. Atleast I took some pictures of the gloomy sky outside. If you would like to see them then here they are. You know I love taking pictures for everyone to check out. It makes me happy that I know people like checking out my wonderful pictures. Well, I atleast think they are pretty cool. Oh well, anyways, here's some current weather conditions I took as of the past half hour.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A little poetic? I don't know, What do you say?

Currently: Poring outside, Listening to music video in my last post, and Wanting to Roleplay!

The world spinning beneath her feet she stood there in the poring rain in a batting stance. Thunder sounding around her as if it was an audience with the lightening acting as camera's taking pictures it was as if she was in her own world. A world she was known to escape to from time to time when troubles in her life caused her to escape. With the weather acting as her audience she stood there smiling soaked to the bone and running water dripping off her bat as she stood there. Then........all of a sudden........there it went, the bat leaving her side as she swung from right to left the air split and water went flying from the bat. A huge gust of wind blew as if coming from her swinging bat. The thunder around her sounded loudly booming through her ears as if nothing before. Her hair dripping as she held her bat down by her side. Air around her pulsing rapidly with the beating of her heart. Time slowing down to a standstill even for a second. Nothing in the world mattered anymore to her as she closed her eyes feeling the world coming back to her, rain hitting her face as she fell backwards landing onto the grass beneath her feet. Laying there loosing herself to the world once again.


Just a bit of something from an Roleplay I'm in right now. Her weapon of choice is a bat and she loves to play baseball but she also has power over air element. So she's like one with the wind if you wanna say that. But it's a pretty cool roleplay, my friend created it and I'm in it along with like 8 other peoples. xD

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's Not My Time

Currently: Sad, Happy, All of the above, and Adding new music to playlist.

Ok I think I heard this song on the radio or somewhere but its a pretty good song. I just watched the music video for the first time earlier when I was trying to find the song and I thought it was pretty awesome. First off I just love those guys who run across the city doing all these awesome tricks and whatnot showing off. They even had a couple guys like that on Top Gear one night when we were watching it. Two of the guys running against James from Top Gear who was racing them to this church in a car. Of course the guys on foot won because they are just plain awesome. >.< >

It's Not My Time

By 3 doors down

Looking back at the beginning of this
And how life was
Just you and me and love and all of your friends
Living life like an ocean
Now the current's slowly pulling me down
It's getting harder to breathe
It won't be too long and I'll be going under
Can you save me from this

'Cause it's not my time,
I'm not going
There's a fear in me
It's not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh, I won't go

I look ahead to all the plans that we made
And the dreams that we had
I'm in a world that tries to take 'em away
Oh, but I'm taking them back
'Cause all this time I've just been to blind to understand
What matter to me
My friend, this life we life
Is not what we have, it's what we believe

And it's not my time
I'm not going
There's a fear in me
It's not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh, It's not my time
I'm not going
There's a fear in me
And now I know that
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
Oh, but I won't go
I won't go

There might be more than you believe
(There might be more than you believe)
There might be more than you can see

But it's not my time
I'm not going
There's a fear in me
It's not showing
This could be the end of me
And everything I know
But it's not my time
I'm not going
There's a will in me
Now it's gonna show
This could be the end of me
And everything I know

There might be more than you believe
(There might be more than you believe)
There might be more than you can see

I won't go
I know I won't go down
Yeah, yeah

Shopping In Orlando

Currently: Laughing, Listening to the radio, and Role playing with weirdo's!

Went over to Orlando, FL today to drop my Grandma off at the airport with my aunt and cousin. While we were in Orland since I was asked to come along since they wanted to shop at Ikea while over in Orlando. This would be the second time I've been in that store since the last time was with my mom during Spring Break. We had a few challenges though on the way over to Ikea from the airport because my aunt had printed out directions to get there from the airport and I had to be the navigator. We took quite a few turns and stopped at unexpected places like the largest goodwill in Orlando which was pretty huge! Quite a few books and a few clothes were bought there and then we were on our way again finally finding the large blue building with the bold yellow letters spelling 'Ikea'. We had the huge tank sized truck that was my uncle's so we could get anything as big as we wanted. I had to navigate my cousin and aunt throuhg Ikea every once in a while when they started to take the wrong way or didn't know where to go. Heh. We finally got to the Cafe part and my cousin and aunt ate but I didn't because I felt queezy. My stomach didn't really want me to eat but I atleast ate two french toast sticks if you know what those look like. Heh. My cousin didn't like them so I ate atleast two out of three or four of them.
After eating that we were on our way to the first floor where we or my cousin and aunt got tons of nick nacks that were pretty cool like a rug, comforter, and some other things. After leaving the wonderful world of Ikea we called Bubba for directions to thrift stores in Deland which weren't too effective because once we got there we got more and more lost and only went to about two to three thrift stores but my aunt was able to get tons of books because her newest hobby is selling books online which she makes a REALLY good profit from it. Haha.

So anyways, what I'm trying to say is my day was pretty eventful today and I liked it/ had fun!

So Many Of Them...

Currently: Chatting, Blogging, and Roleplaying

I've currently started to notice each time I post or each day I come to my blog my list of people who have come and gone keeps filling up and I've had people coming from all parts of the world which I think is amazing but also wrong. At first I thought, are they really coming to my blog on purpose or just on accident? It made my mind wonder about that. But each time I posted I saw like 5 new people come to my blog which made me happy that so many people have recently viewed my blog even if no one comments. I would like a comment every once in a while even if its from a simple friend of mine that I make go to my blog. Hehe. Yes, I've done that before. I'll be all like, "I HAVE A BLOG! GO TO IT! -Gives them link to it-". That's exactly what happens and its pretty funny. But I just like how people are actually coming to my blog and it isn't just friends of mine. So yays, you people make me really happy. =D

Also I would like to advertise, yes advertise some cool blogs that I know.....


This is Bubba's blog who've I've mentioned every once in a while in some of my posts. His blog is pretty cool and he posts some funny stuff and even quotes on his. He's been slow on the posting recently unlike when he first started off but his blog is still prety cool and even popular than mine.


Ok, first off I hope I spelt that right. If I didn't then its somewhere on the side where the links to other cool blogs are. This is my friend Ki-kun's blog where he basically just rants about nonsense sometimes but other times its reviews on like movies that have recently come out or old ones, rides, and even foods sometimes. One of his posts I saw was this Japanese cookie tasting test and his review on them was pretty funny. Haha. But his blog is pretty cool and I would guess is pretty popular. =D But he's pretty cool so yeah, check out his blog!


This blog is also called Diary Of A Fat Teenager on my link's list. But it's where this one girl she's probably a couple years older than me I can't really remember and of course she's overweight but she's REALLY pretty I would have to say since I've seen quite a few pictures of her. People make fun of her for her weight but she's one of those people who can stand up for herself and is strong because she puts up with all these people who make fun of her. So I really advise you check out her blog and see some of the stuff she goes through.


Well there are some blogs you should check out, I could post another one if I ever find on or have more friends who make blogs. Hehe. But yeah, please check them out and if you can comment them? =D They would probably love you for it. ^^ But make sure they are good comments. >.<

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Day At The Beach

Currently: Tired, Waiting for the rents to go to bed, and Finally finished Father's Day present.

Well today we went to the beach and it wasn't too bad. We woke up late which my mom started ushering me out of the house and I was getting sick off pancakes that Bubba had made this morning. After finally getting out and on our way to the beach we stopped over at seven eleven for drinks and smokies. (Might I add those drinks were like monster size waterbottles. xD) But anyways, we finally parked over at our usual parking spot which was at this park next to the beach. Since we were smart people and didn't park down on the beach risking to get our car stuck in the sand. But we walked down on the beach and we were there for a while. But while we were there I got take several pictures of the waves, Nana, and even Paddle Dude. Yes, that's what me and my mother named him because he would stand up on his surf board and he would have this paddle where while he would be standing, there he went just a paddling. Haha. That rhymed. ^^ But anyways, my mom figured he was the same dude she saw when she went to the beach last weekend. I didn't go because I was way too sleepy. I had gone to bed around 4am and I didn't feel like going to bed like 5 hours after I went to bed, so overall I was whooped.

But anyways, while I was down on the beach with Nana or Naner as I was calling her when we went to the mall today, I took some pictures. So you know what that means when I take pictures. Yep, that's right, PHOTO DUMP! Hehe. So here are some pictures from our lovely beaching adventure.


The Wonderful Seat Hole I Dug xD

Paddle Dude

The Wonderful Beach!

Awesome Sand Art!

Weirdo Pictures