Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Dreams Have Come Back Yet Again

Mood: Blaaaah, with a hint of happyness.

I posted something either yesterday or a few days ago, can't remember which, about my dreams that I have. Well, I had another one last night and I woke up around noon today since that's usually when I normally wake up and I remembered only parts of it. But that was like an hour ago and I might have forgotten a bit of it. But here's what bits I can actually remember...

The setting of it was either around the time school normally gets our or a bit before sunset where the sun hasn't set yet. It was really cloudy outside so it made it darker but you could still see outside. Several people from my school were in my dream and even one of my crushes who I usually just call football buddy because he's on the football team at school. Or atleast one of them. He's on JV but I was still at school along with other kids that were there after school. I was running around apparently because I told something from these two kids. One of them was this huge guy and another was like one of my friends by the name of Pam. I don't remember what I took but we came into the main atrium and it when black because of the storm going on outside. Some kids were practicing dance in the main atrium. It was sorta weirdish. Another kid was up top above us near the cieling setting up a camera system. At that point it didn't seem like the main atrium of my school anymore. But another school.
I went outside to enjoy the rain and couldn't stop staring over at Football buddy, it was sad. Then I ran inside and peeked around the wall to look at him and he turned his head towards me and I ran off. Haha. When I ran back into the main atrium it was like pitch black and it sounded like water was coming from the cieling above and it was. Water was pooring into the main atrium all over the floor. The kids were still dancing, even in the rain. It was magical. Right then though, only the front half of the school was lit up and the rest lost power to it. Was pretty creepy/cool. I ran towards the front office where there were a line of students waiting for the telephone to call home and ask parents to pick them up. I yelled out to a couple people around me and a few friends if anyone had a cellphone me and my buddy Willard could use. Yes, Willard was trying to get a hold of his dad. Someone gave me their phone but while I was on the phone their bus was pulling away from phone. I think they thought I gave them back their cellphone or they forgot I had it, because they started running at full speed towards the bus. I was like, "Wow.". Finally I got a hold of Bubba and he said alright and that he would pick me up. At that point I turned around to look to my left were football buddy would be, but he had left by then.

But that was one weird dream. I think there was another part before all of that but I can't remember it in detail. All I know was something bad happened. But oh wells. I'll either remember it eventually or completely forget it.

The Marine By The Name..

Mood: Blaaaah!

Yoshi! I'm not talking about like marine biology but I mean a Marine. As in one of those army dudes. Yep. My brother's down for the week because sometime this week or next weekend is his birthday. The 30th, which he'll be turning 21 years old, or atleast I think. So far the first day he didn't show up because a friend picked him up from the air port. And now he's just sittin around watching some tv. He's a complete hobo. But oh well. Don't know what we are gonna do for his birthday though. That's all up to him and my parents I guess. xD Heh.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chi Lings For My Uncle's Birthday

Mood: Bloated Like A Bum

Chi Lings is a place here in Daytona Beach, FL that is basically a Japenese Restaraunt where they cook in front of you if you've ever been to a place like that. But while we were there I remembered to bring my camera this time and snapped several pictures of our cook cooking in front of us and the food we ate. It was all pretty nice. I ate several things that I probably wouldn't normally try to eat. Since I'm a VERY picky eater. Sort of runs in the family though on my mom's side. Because my cousin's are just like me but maybe even pickier.

But anyways, Nana (My mom) and me, we ordered the grilled fish. But that wasn't the only thing we ate. We got to eat soup or broth as my mom called it, fried rice, cooked vegies, shrimp, finally our fish. But I also had some of my little cousin's chicken because she wasn't gonna eat it all, and some of my uncle's ice cream he got from the hostess's for his birthday. Both me, Beanie, and Morgan got to eat the ice cream though since my uncle didn't want any.

It was funny when we all ordered our drinks, because my mom ordered a glass of beer and they come out with this huuuuuge glass of beer. We started laughing at it. My uncle and aunt drank like 3 bottles of Saki or something. It was crazy. But I think everyone enjoyed the place. If any of yall come to Daytona Beach, FL, look up Chi Ling's somewhere in the area. It might not be in Daytona but in Port Orange, FL. I'm not sure. But whenever you come down in the area, look it up and go there. You people who like japanese food will like it.


Beware Of Large Frogs

Mood: Bloated

I feel compelled to name our little buddy we found on the wall. And yes, I did take this picture. I was running around the house then I was like, Oh my, I need to go to the bathroom. I started heading to the bathroom and I looked up on the wall left of the bathroom door and saw this huge thing on the wall. I looked at it then looked at my dad who was laying on the couch watching tv a couple feet away. He was like, "What is that!?". I looked over at the wall and saw there was a frog stuck onto it. Bubba told me to just grab it with a towel but I protested and yelled at him to do it. When he did so, it launched across from one wall to another in our small hallway where the bathroom and my bedroom were. It tried making its way towards my room but Bubba grabbed it in the nick of time. It wouldn't be too good if it went into my room. I would pulvarize it. Hehe. But that thing had to be atleast like an inch and a half large or maybe even two inches. All I knew was, it was large and I wanted it out of the house. But we safely got it out, even before Snoopers and Macy got a hold of it.

Dreams I Do Not Want To Forget?

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Just woke up and it's probably half an hour from noon. But I'm still sleepy and probably have gunk in my eyes left by our old friend, the sand man. Haha. But anyways, the reason I'm posting this so early in the morning is because I wanted to type up what my dream was. I usually have dreams alot but these I actually remember. I've had day dreams, dreams in class only when I'm sleeping for like fifteen minutes, and then of course my usual dreams when I'm laying in bed at night. But this dream, my family was in it. Or atleast my parents, brother, and my cousin's family were mostly in it. And also some random people I don't know.

But lets see, where do I start off. The first part of my dream I don't know what happened, now note, I can't remember ALL of my dream because I forget it as minutes go by. I don't know what happened but it seemed as if our house was laying in ruins or something and my parents made me mad which caused me to run away in the middle of the night. My parents were searching for me and searching for me. While they were staying with our neighbors a couple houses down, my mom came back to our ruined house and found me sleeping in like a box maybe in the garage. That's all I can remember about that really, other than I was then in a two story house but the second floor we were all sitting in these chairs talking. I looked out the window and I don't know if the sun had just setted because it seemed like there was still light out but this one huge truck passed by as I was leaning out the window watching. Following behind the truck were power lines. It was like the truck had pulled all the power lines out of the ground and the power line poles you would usually see were dragging behind it. Weird I know.

Now the second half of my dream I'm slowly forgetting as I sit here but I wasn't in it. Instead it were all these guys. I don't know if I was one of those guys or something but they were all dressed in white on white motorcycles. It seems they had to transport something and on this freeway I guess they ran into people on black motorcycles all dressed in black. Then after that in my dream it turned into like full on matrix where the fighting consisted of them moving in slow motion. It was awesome. But I didn't just see random dudes I saw some dudes on my school as the good guys, the guys dressed up in white. They were trying to protect innocent people on the road from getting killed or injured. Finally, then they defeated the guys in black and got to this one house in my neighborhood and alot of people praised them. It was a pretty cool dream.

Now I can't say that that's all there is or that's exactly how it went but it was a pretty cool dream I have to admit. I wish I could remember my dreams but I fail at it.

New Header Picture

Mood: Slowly Getting Sleepy

Ok, of course I've become accustomed to going outside around sunset or twilight hour and hitting around the tennis ball before it gets dark and sometimes when the sky seems oooooh soooo beautiful, I run in and grab the camera. Sometimes after I'm done taking pictures of the sky I wander around and take pictures of other stuff because I just love my camera. xD Hehe. Well, not really love that camera in particular but I just love all cameras and just capturing a moment in life to look back onto. But one day while I was outside I took a picture of the front lights or one front light of our house. It's one of our motion detector lights of course so I had to wave my hand it front of it a couple times to make it turn on. Usually they come on during sunset or w/e but the sun wasn't down yet so I had to set it off up close. But I just love how it looked so I had to take a couple pictures of it. I didn't just take this picture but probably like 5. Hehe. I love taking pictures of our front lights and the light post out front. They captivate me just like the sky. It's fun. =D Hope you like the pictures. =D I had fun taking them, even though people probably think I'm weird. xD Hehe.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Rainy Days

Mood: Optimistic

Can't really go outside today as you can already tell from the title of this post. That's right, it's raining outside or atleast where I live. Been somewhat a nice and also a gloomy day today and it finally started raining a little while ago. Our lights did flicker once but wasn't enough to send our house into darkness by cutting our power. Well, since I can't really go outside then what else am I supposed to do? Sit here on the computer and type this blog post is what I'm doing. And also watching the weather channel but whatever. Seems like where I live isn't the only place getting hit with rain but also surrounding area's. Usually when it rains here in Florida, the weather is kind of like Bipolar as I told my parents once. It's cold one day, sunny the next, then out of no where a thunder storm comes. That's the weather for you!

Mmmmm, Cheezits are always the best. Especially right after you buy them. But anyways, Blogspot isn't the only website I'm on. I'm also on an only community with roleplaying and games and a place to meet new people. If you've never heard of it and like to roleplay, that's the place to go. ^^ But this ends my conclusion to this random post. Haha. Till the next post.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Photo Dump

Mood: Musically Drawn

Come here, Come all, to my photo dump. Haha. I think I said a few days ago that I would post another post with some more of my pictures. It's been a few days and I apologize. But here are some pictures I promised but also recent pictures I have taken.
I also figured out, I need to draw something up and post it on here again. I finally got done with my RPG drawing at school and I need to take my camera to school and take a picture of both it and my sky painting that I finished like weeks ago. Blaaah my procrastination. We have finals in like a week or two then school is officially over and it's.......SUMMER! Can't really wait, the first week over summer I'm going to try to sleep forever. Catching up with my sleep. xD Haha. And maybeh take some random pictures and stuff. Don't know what I'm doing this summer but anyways.....back to the subject. Those pictures, yep, yall wanted to check them out and here they are....


Just Getting Yelled At

Mood: Hysterically Down
I got yelled at by my Latin teacher today all because I didn't get done with this sort of like test thing that was due today since I never did my Minor project. But since I didn't have the test thing done, he yelled at me in the beginning of class and threatened to call my parents who I've already told SEVERAL times that my grades in that class were horrible and that I would never pass. I've basically given up these next two weeks. I feel pathetic, I know. But the only thing I'm worrying about is if I have enough credits to pass into the next grade since I've forgotten how many credits I need. I'll have to figure that out later. But anyways, I need to get back on track next year or else I won't graduate with all my other friends and that wouldn't be good. =O

Monday, May 19, 2008

One Of Mother Nature's Phenomenon

Mood: Getting Tired Now

Fact about me, I like weather and anything that has to do with weather. But anyways, as you can see, my title says one of mother nature's phenomenons? Well, which one do you think I'm talking about? Hehe. Well, too bad I'm telling. It's Tornadoes. Yep, those huge cyclone's that appear mostly in the middle of the united states. Why am I posting this on my blog? Well, it has to do with the project I'm working on in Physical Science class. He told us all to pick a topic that we all wanted to do that had to do with what we've been studying this entire year and any science really, except anything that had to do with Biology. But I chose for mine Tornadoes because they are what I like the most. Or atleast one thing. Other examples of what I like are Hurricanes and just anything that has to do with weather. Hehe. I'm a big weather fan obviously. But anyways, Tornadoes rank from 1-5 on the Fugita scale and get up to over 200-300 mph winds. It's really crazy. Scientists have been studying them for years and how they work. It would be great if we knew how they work, then not as many people would get hurt.


Mood: Wow'ed, Amazed

Well don't know if any of you have heard of the new movie coming out this summer but there is one. It's coming out probably somewhere near fourth of July. It's called 'Hancock' if any of you want to know. They predict it will be a hit this summer and after watching the trailer myself it looks like it's going to be one funny movie. It's staring Will Smith as the main character, but apparently in the movie he's sort of like a superhero and the only one with super human powers and whatnot. I can't exactly explain the movie much but here's the trailer for yall.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Tad Out Of It Much?

Mood: Tired, Secrative, and Absent Minded

Went to bed around 3am last night because I was talking to a Kese-kun on AIM last night. It was pretty chaotic since we were sort of on a touchy subject about going out and whatnot. We were talking about it for like 3 hours until finally I went to bed because one, it was late, and two, he stopped talking to me. =( I'm not exactly gonna get into detail but yeah, today isn't all that great of a day?

But guess what I'm gonna probably post next or later. =O Yep, that's right if you even tried to guess, more sky pictures. And maybeh even my California pictures from last summer I took of the Golden Gate Bridge and all that. They are pretty cool. =D

Well, hope you all didn't mind the random post? >.>

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Captivated By The Sky

Mood: Surprised and Wandering

I've become accustomed to going outside and hitting around a tennis ball with the tennis racket that's been sitting in our garage for the past I don't know how many years. This past week I've been going outside more and more, or atleast in front of my house anyways. But each time I go out there I'm usually out there until sunset or some would call it the twilight hour? But anyways, I really do get captivated by how the sky looks at that time and feel compelled to just take pictures. So of course I ran inside and grabbed my camera, had to make sure the memory card was in it of course. But then I ran back outside and snapped some shots, or well, more than some. Alot I would have to say. I did that for like 2-3 days in a row and here are only a few pictures of what I've taken so far. I will most likely post some later. Some people that are my friends of course know how I'm captivated by camera's also and love taking various pictures of things. But one of the things I love taking pictures of would have to most likely be the sky because it's so captivating and different every time. It produces many different shades of colors and catches your eye. But anyways, enough with my rambling and here are the pictures.


Sprouting Plants

Mood: Spontaneous

Omg, our peppers have started to sprout along with our tomatoes that we had planted a couple weeks ago. We had first noticed them probably earlier this week but this is the first time I've posted in the past week maybeh. I'm not really sure. But anyways, I got to take some pictures of the plants and they are looking pretty healthy. But sadly, both me and my parents agree'd today that my flowers I planted last month are officially dead and aren't sprouting. So we rustled around the soil in the pot or my dad just basically dug it up and I planted ALOT of seeds in there, but 3 kinds of seeds. They are all different kinds o peppers, so hopefully they will sprout and start growing. Once they get to a certain size or something we plan to plant them in the gardgen I guess. Don't know about that. We will have to clear out a space in the flower bed out front. But my dad went out garage sailing this morning and that is where he got all our new seeds. Like 5 different kinds of flowers, spinach, lettuce, and the peppers. I'm gonna atleast try to plant some more this weekend. It all depends.

On the other hand, I was going to spray the plants with some water with a small spray bottle we have but noooooo, it's old and smells alot like bleach. So guess I'll just have to head over to Walmart or Target one of these days and get a brand new spray bottle. Yep Yep.

Note: Yes, that's a spiderweb in the pot in the picture. xD Heh.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Need To Learn To Vent My Anger

Mood: Fnuggin Pissed Off/ Crying? =O

URRRRRGGGGGGG, Is all I can say. I've been having such a horrible past few weeks. The whole thing with Sean set it all off really. Curse me. But the thing that set me off over the edge was my dad of course. He's been getting on my last nerve these past few days and all that crap. But earlier I picked up Snoopers (One of our cats) and he started coughing like he's been doing lately. My dad told me to stop doing it if I already know he's been coughing. I keep telling BOTH my parents to fnugging go in for a check-up with the cats. But no, they won't listen. Nope, not at all. They still believe they are fine or something and it will pass, but if I come home one of these days and one of those cats is missing because I was right and something was wrong with them, then someone's definitely going to die. Both my kitties I've been thinking something's wrong with them. Macy (Other cat) throws up if she eats too much food. I don't know if she has stomach problems or a weak stomach. Snoopy on the other hand, as I said before, he coughs when you pick him up and stuff. I think he might have chest problems or something to do with the throat/lungs.

I'm not exactly sure how much a trip to the vet would cost but I'm willing to do all it takes to figure out what's wrong with my cats. Even if my parents are damn lazy fnuggin people.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

New Book, New Movie

Mood: Secretive

Finally got the first book of the Lilian Jackson Braun Cat Who
series. Got it from my aunt who is like the major book fiend. xD Heh. She sells tons of books each week on Amazon and eBay. It's crazy. She has 1200 books listed on eBay and Amazon I think. But she still has several books she needs to put on there. She goes garage sailing and to used bookstores probably. So I asked her to find me the first couple books in The Cat Who series because I already read the third one since that's one I have already. It was pretty good. It's called "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards". The series is basically about Qwilleran and his two cats Koko and YumYum. Qwilleran works for the Daily Fluxion which is basically the newspaper for his town or something. He used to be a detective or a cop but now he just works for this newspaper. Koko helps him solve mysteries when they pop up at random times. YumYum is just adored by her two male companions but I don't think she shows up or Qwill doesn't get her until maybe the second book. I'm not exactly sure. I'll just have to keep reading and see what happens. But if you like mysteries with cats and a newspaper journalist or w/e, then this is the kind of series for you. ^^

Now as for the movie I'm talking about. I just got done earlier watching the movie Sahara with my parents. Pretty good movie and has my mom's favorite actor Matthew McConaughey in it. It's quite a good adventure movie if I do say so myself anyways. I don't exactly know how to explain it myself so I'll have to venture to Wikipedia and get their plot line. So here it is.

Marine Engineer, explorer and former US Navy Seal Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) travels to Mali, to search for what the locals call "The Ship of Death", the lost Civil War ironclad warship CSS Texas that has a mysterious cargo. Pitt and his longtime friend Al Giordina (Steve Zahn) manage to thwart the assassination of Doctor Eva Rojas (Penélope Cruz), a doctor with the United Nations World Health Organization, who is investigating the source of a disease that is wreaking havoc in the area. The cause is a vast amount of industrial waste that is threatening to cause an environmental disaster. It is up to Pitt and his associates at the National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA) to locate the source of the pollution and shut it down, and explore the connection between the deaths and the missing ironclad.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Four Days Since My Last Post

Mood: Plant Worthy?

Haven't really posted much in the past week. Haven't really been so much motivated. Been kind of depressed about certain things going on in my life. But I'm slowly starting to cheer back up. All my friends have been trying their best to cheer me up and make sure I don't become emo and all that sort. One friend offered for the two of us, plus one of her friends to do something one of these days. So hopefully this weekend we can all go over to beach side and do minigolf. =D That would be pretty fun. Haven't been over to beach side in a while. Wouldn't mind going over there just to mess around and mini golf my life away. xD Haha.


Well, I've been meaning to take a picture of my recently done sky painting I've been working on for the past month in my art class at school. I finally managed to bring my camera with me and stayed after school for open studio to get some work done, but nope. Not gonna happen. I forgot my memory card at home in another camera. How stupid of me? Not to even check if I put the memory card for the camera, back in the camera! Or atleast the camera I took. Jeeze, that's what I call hoboish. So I'll have to remember my memory card next time and go in and take a picture. Yep Yep. If not, then I seriously need a whack upside the head.

Now next on the art project list we need to do three independent studie's. Which I guess is three projects where we get to pick what we want to do. My first one I'm working on is going to have to do with alot of shading, and quite a bit of powdered graphite. It's the old RPG drawing I did a couple weeks ago for Tommy. I've repositioned everything and have made it somewhat better? I don't really know anymore. But I'm doing that as one of my projects. I could have colored it but I've only got not that many weeks of school left so I need to just make the next couple projects pretty easy. When I'm done with the RPG project, I'll be sure to take yet again another picture of it and maybeh the original next to each other and post them on here.


Now for the plants. Yep, that's right. It's been I don't know how many weeks since I planted my calendula's and still haven't started sprouting, but I'm waiting for that day when they will! But also, I have to update my dates on the side of my blog and put today's date since we just planted some pepper and cherry tomato seeds that we got over at Lowes. We have yet to plant the parsley though. Bubba claims he has somewhat of an idea of where to plant them. But you never know when it comes to him. We found one of our other pots out in the garage and some plant stuff you put in the water when watering your plants to help them grow faster or something like that. But we put some rocks on the bottom of the pot like you should probably do to let water drain better. And then stole some soil/dirt from another pot that had no plants growing in it in the corner of the porch.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Friends Are Hobo's, Along With Myself.

Mood: Crazy and Irritated

My friends are total hobo's, but they aren't the only ones. I'm a total hobo myself. But it's kind of stupid what some of us to do. Why some of us hate each other. What really irritated me and set me off today was when one of my friends Willard (Not his real name) was over. Yeah, I'm calling him Willard because that's what my dad called him and he liked the nickname, it just stuck to him. So that's how I'm going to refer to him in my blog posts. xD But anyways, another friend of mine who I'm just going to refer to as Sparky or Kitty, but in this post it will just be Kitty. I was talking to Kitty on AIM like I usually do when she signs on. But Will was over and he told me to type to her "Hi", which I did. She just ignored it and kept talking to me like she usually does. It's sad though. They are both my best friends but Kitty doesn't even see Will as a human anymore. It's really sad. And also sometimes pisses me off because it still doesn't make sense why she's so mad at him and doesn't even see him as human anymore. I don't want to take sides at all because they are both my best friends. But Will doesn't hate Kitty, but I wish I could say the same for Kitty but she hates his guts.

Willard's a hobo for saying he just hates the entire decade of the 80's but then again, people just hate certain things. Kitty hates willard. Willard hates the 80's. And I just am irritated by them both easily I'll never understand really. I need to get out of this house! Blaaaah. Lol. I'll never understand people these days.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Shopping at Lowes

Mood: Quiet

Well, I went to lowes with my dad to look for a new microwave, because for god's sake, our microwave is 18 years old. We still don't exactly know why it's still working but it's actually older than I am in the house. So we ventured down to lowes because my mother wanted us to get a new one. We are chatting on our way in, then I just stop dead in my tracks and ask if they sell seeds here. And by god they did! Bubba, my dad, wanted to get something that we could maybe use as ingredients like herbs. I think we ended up getting tomatoes, parsley, and peppers. Bubba was kind of a little overwhelmed that the price of the pepper seeds were $2.50 a pack. When he can buy regular peppers and extract the seeds out of them. Tomorrow I'm going to try and plant all the things we bought, even the seeds Bubba pulled out of his peppers when we made peppers and sausages last night. So I will have to maybe even find one of our large old bags of dirt laying around and fill some containers to plant the seeds in.

80's Music

Mood: Questionably Spacy

Who out there listens to 80's music? Yeah, that's right, the music that created what is all music today. Well not really the 80's but even the decades before that. But anyways, to my point. A friend of mine doesn't like the decade of the 80's music. Which me and another friend think that it's pathetic to the entire decade of 80's music. Because all the music that you hear from today is basically music of the 80's. I mean it's the same concept and everything. Techno was created from Jazz from the 70's. Rock has been around since the 80's. The fact that someone says they hate 80's music is basically saying they hate all music. It's kind of really pathetic. I've been argueing to him about it, but he's just too stubborn and stupid to get any of it. That music today, is basically created or originated from music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and even 80's. All those decades combinded. You listen to all these songs today and they have been remade like atleast a couple times by many bands and singers.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Killing A Toyota

Mood: Sleepy, Headache, but Happy?

I've already posted a video once before. But it was mostly a music video. This time, the video I will be posting is from youtube yes, but it's of a show me and my parents like to watch on BBCA channel on HBO called Top Gear. The show is basicall all about cars, but I have to say, it's one hilarious show. They have a total of three hosts by the names of Jeremy, James, and Hammond. The three of them basically have all this money that their company gives them to go out and do challenges and show of these different cars each episode. But when they do the challenges, they are the best.

The episode or PART of an episode I'm showing now is Jeremy goes out and buys a Toyota pick up truck. What he does is tries to actually kill the toyota. May I let you know, this show is mainly filmed in England, unless they go somewhere else for a challenge of some kind. But it's mostly over in England. But anyways, what he does is try to kill the Toyota, try to make it not work anymore. He tries everything. There are two parts to it and here they are. Hope you like them. xD Oh wait, it's in two parts, but a total of 3 video's. Sorry. xD

Nerd's R Us

Mood: Headache

We all think of nerds back then as one's with glasses and can't get a girlfriend, but according to my friend Tommy, he claims Neil Strauss has turned that world upside down. The world I'm talking about would be the nerds. World of the nerds. Today you see all kinds of people you would call nerds. But they aren't just those dorks wearing glasses and aren't able to get a girlfriend. Instead, they are even popular guys you may see today. Everyone in the world could be considered a nerd basically. Seeing the most popular guy at your school, he could even be a nerd. Nerds are lurking everywhere thanks to the man called Neil Strauss apparently. All for creating "The Game".

Now "The Game" is basically a book about two years of Strauss's life. Apparently he recorded those two years and documenting his experiences with pickup artists. This book I hear alot from a couple of my guy friends, is sorta about how to pick up females. Thanks to this book though, or so I've heard, nerds now have learned of different ways to pick up women. I'm not saying that's really true, but some of my friends like to believe it.

Because of this book though, my friend Tommy, believes the world of the nerds has been turned upside down. Which I would like to get other peoples opinions on this sort of thing. Because what I really think is that it's not because of any book or anything like that. It's just how people are today. I mean people think of nerds as glasses, can't get a girlfriend, and just total geeks. But that was back then, and this is now.